1st 5 Squares (5/39 Squares)

Hello friends and readers πŸ˜€

I’m excited to present you the first 5 squares of the 39 squares project. If you just find me and want to know what’s going on, feel free to read more here. Before I forget, I’m stitching in a vertical manner. So if you’ve followed the 8×5 grid, the first 5 will fit in downwards. If you don’t like anything I’ve proposed here, please feel free to make any adjustment to your squares. These are just my ideas and you may not need to be the same as mine. If you click on the stitching diagram, it will bring you to more information on how to stitch the various stitches. πŸ˜€

#1 Square

Lazy Daisy and Hi

My #1 square is a lazy daisy flower and free hand stitching of Hi.
You can find how to do a lazy daisy as below.

I’ve just added some extra straight stitches at the side to stand out a little. Also the word ‘Hi’ is just straight stitches and a french knot on ‘i’.

My #2 square is a lovely pink tree. LOL.. I just love pink and I think this is so cute. Remember those fabric pens which I asked you to get earlier, yes they do come in handy. So first, draw a triangle like this and a straight line (just make sure it looks centralize).
photo 3
Next fill the inside of the triangle with chain stitches. You can see that I go up one side and down the other. After which I then fill in the other space.photo 4
Lastly, I’ve added a star sequinΒ to it πŸ˜‰

#2 Square

Pink tree and a Star

Just making a note that on this 3rd row (i.e. #3,#8,#13, #18#23,#28,#33,#38), I’m putting some kind of sewing related buttons to this. This is part of my crafty room design. So if you don’t like it, please change it.
So this time, I’ve made a geometrical lines across the grid like this (you can measure it out and then sew on the lines):
photo 1

And then I sew on the Sewing machine Button, Ta-dah.. Love this button

#3 Square

Sewing Machine

#4 square is a toadstool. LOL.. I just love the look of it. Okie, so first to draw a toad stool is very easy, Half a semi-circle, remember to add some circles inside for the white patches. And then add a rectangle block. Remember to add some grass too. πŸ˜€



I first outline the white circles with split stitches then fill in with satin stitches (which I will use quite a bit in this SAL) for the toadstool in red and brown colour. The gasses are stitch with straight stitches.

My #5 Square is a cute singing bird. LOL. Β Draw a bird and fill the space with Satin Stitches. The musical notes are straight stitches with french knots.

#5 Square

Singing Bird

So my first 5 squares are as below:

photo 4

5 out of 39 Squares

So you can see how fun this SAL is. The trick I think is to add only 1-2 kind of images in the squares. Don’t add too many things and keep it simple. The effect of 39 squares will turn out to be more dramatic later. And don’t worry if the lines go out of boarders or something like that. Is okie and the idea is enjoy stitching and creating what to put next. I love these squares so much and I can’t wait to share the next 5 squares. See you next time. πŸ˜‰


15 thoughts on “1st 5 Squares (5/39 Squares)

  1. This is so cute! I really need to get some fabric and make a start! I think I might play around with some of the designs…not that I don’t love yours but I have so many ideas in my head that I want to try out!

    • No worries with playing around the designs.. Enjoy experimenting the stitches and I will watch out your motifs too.. Have fun.. πŸ˜‰

  2. Your first five squares are gorgeous – I love all of them! I went out yesterday and bought a ‘vanishing’ ink pen that you described. Today I’ve been making a paper plan of the motifs. Can’t wait to try the pen out later and draw my grid lines πŸ˜€

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