39 Squares ~Let’s Get Started

Ok friends and readers, thank you for your comments and encouragement on the last post. I see some who are keen to start, so shall we then start.

First thing first, this is a SAL (Stitching-Along), free of charge, beginner’s friendly, wacky and enjoyable project. We are mostly focusing on free-hand embroidery techniques which will be many eccentric patterns. We are filling in 39 squares as we go along and we are also stitching from our own STASH, so you need not go out and buy anything or follow any colour charts. Colour Combinations, embellishments are your own choices and creation. In any case if you don’t like the image or design, you are most welcome to choose anything you like to put on the squares. There’s no hard and fast rules about this SAL. Just make something that at the end of it, makes you happy. Cos this piece if your hard work and yours to keep and display.
You may choose to start anytime you like, so don’t worry about catching up. I will try my best to share all ideas and images as possible and they will stay here on this blog as long as time allows.
If you like the sound of this project and feel free to grab the button to this project
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39 squares

All administrative stuff had been settled and So here we go.. Get set and stitch!

Firstly choose a piece of fabric for sewing this project. I will recommend even-weave/ any linen for this project. Please avoid using Aida cloth as they are not meant for free-hand embroidery.

Next, I think the only thing that you may need to get are these:

photoThese are fabric markers. I strongly recommend the Air Vanishing ones which after you’ve trace the images on the fabric, most of the marks will disappear in 48 hours. Unless you like them to stay then choose the water vanishing markers, the marks will stay till they get in contact with water.

Okie, for the calculation of how to mark the boarders.
photo 2 (2)
I’ve make ย mine out of 3cm by 3cm boxes. ย (yes that tiny) OMG..
photo (2)
okie, if you are not comfortable working in small spaces, you may go higher, But not to the extend of 10cm by 10cm, that I think is too much… Actually if you think about it, smaller is easier to fill up the space too. Is your choices, the most important thing is please make it look like squares yah. ๐Ÿ˜€ And you need to do a 8 by 5 blocks yah. (So 8 across and 5 down). Again, if you like 5 across and 8 down, I don’t see why Not. Is just that I’ve made a plan like that to fill in the “Crafty Room” words. And it fits a 8 by 5 block. (Oh if you like to change the words, feel free, it can also fit any name with 6 alphabets too ~like Angela, Andrew, Edmund, etc)

photo 1 (2)(Oh if you like to make a plan like that, go ahead too. I think that will be fun too)

I’ve done my boarders using running stitches and I’m sure you can use other decorative stitching as well.

photo 3

Running Stitch

if you like, you can try split stitching too and creating a boarder.

Split Stithcing

Add as many colour as you like or if you have a specific colour combination, feel free to try it out too.

Okie dokie, once all these are completed, I will swing by next week and we shall start our free hand embroidery journey.
Happy Stitching everyone.


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  1. Thank you again for hosting this Angela. And thanks for sharing the guide here. It really helps me. Now let’s start stitching!! Good luck! ^_^

    • Happy to hear you’re joining in .. And hope to see your masterpiece work as we stitch along.. Patterns/ ideas coming right up.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. ooooh, I saw the original 39 squares project when I’d just discovered blogs. Alas, it was ending when I stepped in… I’m so tempted to join…

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