I’m SALing with Little Miss Shabby

Hello lovely friends and new readers,

Welcome and hope your Saturday has been going well so far. At where I am, is like hot (like 33 deg. C) and humid. Gosh, I can’t really sit still in this heat and has been going off for cool drinks and showers.  I really hate this part of the year when is just so hot and humid. Sigh!!! :/

Well, the good news is that I’ve joined a new SAL, which is keeping my mind occupied and not think too much about the heat.
And I present you  Little Miss Shabby (LMS)~ Quilty Stitches Sampler. Click here to find out more. Look at these beautiful Blocks, there are just so lovely to stitch for the crafty room right. So I’ve printed the instruction sheets and begun the SAL :D.

Source: from LMS Quilty Stitches Sampler Along

I must say these blocks has not been easy to stitch cos the designs are filled with fractional Stitches. WHO would LOVE Fractional stitch?? Sigh.. I don’t :(, normally I will try to avoid them.
I must admit that I had a rough start, but I kind of get the hang of fractional stitching after the first block. I’ve not done any Quilt before, so I must say stitching these blocks do taught me a few things. They are full of fun just looking at them, selecting the colour and also I get to do some colouring before I Stitch. (You will see why when you start to do this SAL, cos the design are left uncoloured, you got to fill in your colour of choice).  I guess that’s why Quilter tend to have some headache selecting fabric choices for their quilt

So without further delay, let me present you my first BLOCK~ also know as the Swoon Block.

This is how my first Block look like:

photo 1

Block 1: Swoon Block

The second( has many names, also know as the old maid’s ramble;
I can see why now, as there’s too many fractional stitching on this one) and third block (Rolling Stone) :


2nd (old mail’s ramble) & 3rd (rolling stone) block

I’m starting to get a hang on all these Quilting names now. So isn’t this an interesting way to learn more about quilting. I can also understand why the points of the quilting cloth is important, if not, it kind of messes up its shape.

The fourth block, which looks like this below, actually caught my attention to join in this SAL. I was fascinated by stitching in triangles, which I’ve don’t really remember doing something like that before.

photo 3

4th Block: Flying Geese

And so, after 4-5 Blocks, the whole lay out is as below:

photo 2
Though I’m about 8 blocks behind :/ (cos’ the SAL was started at the beginning of the year and I just saw it :P.), but I’ve managed to catch up and I still got 3 more blocks to go before the next new block released. I’m pleased with the stitching so far. So if you like to join in the SAL, do so and I hope to see your progress too.

Happy Saturday and crafting ahead, till then, we’ll chat soon.

23 thoughts on “I’m SALing with Little Miss Shabby

    • heehee.. I think so too.. yup.. the colours indicated on the instruction sheet was supposed to be darker to lighter shades. 😀

  1. I really want to do this SAL! I need to catch up on the projects that I’m already working on though! I might have to save it for next year! I find that fractional stitches get easier with practice…you’ll be an expert at the by the time you finish!

    • no problems.. just save the pattern as we go along.. Iv’e found so many pretty SAL on-line too.. but they were all like long ago.. I’m also thinking of starting one… 😀 Is really fun to see what others are stitching.

    • heehee.. thank you.. I do enjoy needlework… and i must say.. I’ve invested lots on great light bulb in my craft room. so that helps me a little… 😀

    • thank you Avis.. I guess as more practice with the fractional stitching it will be perfect.. and now I understand why making triangles quilting patterns are difficult.. too many pointy parts to take note.. 😉

    • heehee.. thank you.. 😀 I think I’m getting the hang of this SAL which maybe someday I will do a little patchwork in the future.

  2. I like these! Maybe after doing all of this, you’ll be inspired to make some real quilt blocks–I think you’d have fun with that!

    • heehee… i hope so too.. i tried making a patchwork cushion cover.. looks quite terrible.. LOL.. i’m going to put a post about it soon.. so i guess.. quilt blocks.. heehee.. that got to wait a little

  3. I love the colors you’ve chosen, that’s my favorite part about this SAL is seeing how different they all look depending on the colors used.
    I’ve been cross stitching for years and had never used fractional stitches before. I’ve been cheating a little on this and really only use the half stitches, not the quarter ones unless it really needs them!

    • thank you..and I’m loving lots from this SAL.. cos I’m not a quilter and I’m picking up names from the blocks.. 😉 heehee..

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