& we are off…

Hello friends and readers,

I hope you are having fun looking through some patterns and stitching..

I’ve managed to complete one more alphabet:

photo 2

For “W” I’ve used stem stitching, this time, I’ve used 4 strands of embroidery floss instead of 2. So the effect is really Wow.. It looks bigger. I’ve used a font called” Little Lord Fontleroy” You can find more interesting fonts here. I love this site. I’ve then trace it onto the stitching cloth.

photo 1

So ta-dah.. 2 submission from me, an “A” which stands for “Angela”~ my name and “W” for~Wisher, my blogging name.

photo 3

Have wrapped the finished work, tied with yellow ribbon and added a card too. Oh, don’t forget to add some kind of cardboard backing behind when sending, cos is kind of flimsy just to send 2 piece of cloth.

photo 4
Added stamps and Off they will fly to France… (now crossing fingers and toes that the work will reach before 12th May, cos it does take some time to reach Europe at where I am.)

If you are keen to join in and submit something too, please read here for more information. Β I wish you happy stitching and crafting.


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