Calling all Needle-worker,Embroiderer & Cross-Stitcher…

Hope I got everyone’s attention there…

Okie.. important announcement. Remember that I said that I will come back yesterday.. sorry about that cos I got carried away 😦

I read an earlier post from &Stitches… and guess what.. There’s an interesting project for all to take part in and be part of DMC history. On 31st May, a permanent exhibition dedicated to the past, present and future of DMC will be held at Textile Museum Wesserling Park, France. You may Check out all the details here. (It is written in French and I’ve tried to translate in English on this post for us all to understand how to join in the fun 🙂

So here goes..

First.. check out your embroidery thread

and see if you have DMC 321. (This project only requires you to work  ONLY with DMC 321 and not any other shades of red)
photo 1

(you may be thinking that from the pile I’ve own DMC 321 right.. but nope.. I didn’t.. :/ so there’s where the dilemma came yesterday.. I need to head to the haberdashery shop… and who will just stop at buying thread right LOL.. )

Next, find an Alphabet (from A-Z) you like to embroider on a piece of 15 cm by 15 cm in size of stitching cloth (could be linen, aida, even-weave, etc) but it got to be submitted in 15cm by 15cm in size. Yes ONLY Stitch 1 letter on the cloth, your choice of embroidery techniques/stitches and use only DMC 321.

photo 2

After which, snail send the finished work (no need to place in hoop or mount in frame) together with your name, email and full contact details before 12 May 2014 to address as below:


“Contest DMC” 
68470 Husseren-Wesserling,

Okie ladies,  clock is ticking and time is running out, so let’s get cracking and start stitching…
Let’s us show DMC a big thank you for the colourful threads and many beautiful stitching items  that they have given us the past 250 years (yup.. that’s long) and have our work display in the Museum. Now, that’s really some history in making.
And I wonder what letter will most of us stitch?
Hope you can take part and Happy Stitching  everyone:D

44 thoughts on “Calling all Needle-worker,Embroiderer & Cross-Stitcher…

  1. This is interesting. I’m going to search for the DMC 321 now. hehe. I know A stands for Angela right? I might also stitch the letter ‘A’ as well. hehe.

  2. I have DMC 321…I will have to stitch quickly and mail in order to get it there before May 12. Letters tend to take 2 weeks to reach overseas from the USA. Thanks for the opportunity.

  3. Thank you so much for posting this! I’m coming into the game a little late (I just found you today) but have passed this on to all the stitching types in my address book. 🙂

    I’m off to gather supplies and hopefully get something in the mail from Canada by the deadline. 🙂

    Happy stitching,

    • Hi hi.. Thanks for finding me.. Me too have hoped that I knew earlier.. But I also just read it from another blog recently.. Emmm.. I’m sure there’s still time for all to participate.. And I can’t wait to see what you and other stitcher have submitted.. Happy stitching.. 😀

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