Welcome New Friends and readers,

Sorry that I’ve been missing in Action for the past few day. I had a great time SPRING-Cleaning and de-cluttering my stuff.  I guess sometimes in life,  we just need to do that and re-organised everything again. It’s kind of like pressing a re-set button. I’m keeping the surprise photos for the Happy Spring Blog Hop which is happening in 2 days time. I can’t wait for it to start. Yay! 😀

So without further ado, let me introduce you the 9 enthusiastic  and crafty ladies who has signed up for Happy Spring Blog-Hop.

Happy Spring Blog Hop



Thank you ladies for participating. This blog-hop will not happen without your support and enthusiasm in joining in.

And the participants from Top Left:
1) Pretty Little Things In A Box
2) Handmade by Hannah
3) Stitches ‘N’ Dreams
4) Aomori Workshop
5) Azura Chan
6) La casita de tul
7) UK City Crafter
8) Sew Rosey
9) Knitting with Heart

For you readers out there, watch out for their Happy Spring Post on 19th April 2014. Just 2 more days to go, mark down in your calendar to join in the fun, cos there will be much sunshine, more flowers blooming, some rabbits hopping,  a little rainbow, Crafty inspiration and giveaway this Spring.

So See you all in 2 days time.. Bye…


6 thoughts on “Announcement….

  1. Eeeeeeeee I’m so excited!!!! My post has been scheduled and I’ve added the links! I’m so excited but I’m worried mine isn’t what people will be expecting! Been soooooo bogged down with university work recently that I’ve not had chance to do a lot to blog about it!

    • heehee.. me too.. I’m excited to write about Spring.. and not to worry.. I’m sure what you’ve posted is going to be awesome.. so… no stress.. and happy blog-hopping.. 😉

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