Busy Stitching…

Hello Lovely Friends and Readers,

How’s your weekend so far? Here in the little island of Singapore, we are having continuous rain… Sigh!! I wonder where has the sunshine gone to?

The past few days, I had been busy stitching and hence, the lack of post on the blog. I’m happy to share with you what I was up to, since the items had been well-received.

Sometime last week, I had a commissioned work. The client wanted the words “Nga”~a surname cross-stitched within a heart shape for a fellow lady-friend. The challenging part was that the finished must fit into a wallet. Emmm… to me, it kind of sound like a ATC which I’ve been making. LOL… Anyhow, I set to work and had the designed hand-stitched.

Since the gift is for a lady, I’ve thought of adding flowers and butterflies into the design. And have also selected bright colours. I must say, I’m happy with the overall finished. I’ve added lace and also two flowers sequins at the border. I’m happy to receive positive comment for the finished from the client :D.

photo 2

Stitched Design

Stitched design

Finished work

The following gift was sent to a lovely blogging friend of mine who had just delivered a healthy baby.  I’m happy that the package had arrived to her safely.

photo 1

You are so loved

I’ve used the lovely chart from The Snow Flower Dairies. You can find the chart here. The hanging ornament is for the nursery room. What I like about this pattern is the tenderness of the mother bird to the baby bird. Is so lovely, and I’m sure this design is a joy to stitch for Mother’s Day too. I wanted the colours to be brighter and had chosen the threads from my stash. I love the overall look of it 🙂

I would love to hear you comments on the two finishes and let me know what you think of it. You are most welcome to add any comments below too. 😉

If you are interested to read more about my past ATC work, you may find more posts here.

Okie dokie, I got to go now and I wish you a crafty weekend ahead and see you next week :D. Bye!


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