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This month over at Sew In Love, we are encouraged to write about
Gold Work as part of the Needle Quest Journey.

I must say, I’m still a novice Β in this topic. I don’t have much experiences or needlework pieces to show for this techniques. I write this post with the little knowledge and experience I’ve encountered. So pardon me if what I’ve written is not of professional standards.

I love how the completed work of Gold Work embroidery looks. is the “Blink Blink” of this technique that had attracted my attention. Though most of the designs are dated back in the 15th centuries, there are also many modern ones coming up. One of the reason I don’t practices much with this techniques is that I’m somewhat limited by the materials required (a.k.a. the materials are not available here where I’m at and the cost of buying them is high 😦 )

In a nutshell, Gold Work is an elaborate piece of surface Embroidery which has long history dated back 2000 years ago. The earlier pieces are originated here in Asia. The embroidery uses many metal threads like pearl purl, bright check, Japanese threads, gold twist, etc.

You can get the idea of what the material is used in this technique from the picture as below:

So you can see that this needlework is really different from the usual embroidery which only request embroidery threads and cloth.
Some elaborate Gold Work design may also ask for sequins, Milliary whipped plate etc to further decorate the design.

In 2012, I had a chance to do some Gold Work, and I must say most of the techniques requires how well you’ve couched the metal thread. You may see from the diagram on how couching techniques is done in the picture below:

Source from: kreinik thread blog

Is basically holding/tacking one thread down and using another thread to make it in place. You may get a clearer picture from here:


Couching Techniques

So this is what I picked it up in my UFO basket (dated back in 2012) and I thought, maybe I can finish it for the March Needle Quest.


UFO picked up from 2012

And I’m happy to show you the completed look of it. ~phew, I must say it kind of take me into the motion on how to Couch again.


Completed March 2014

If you are scratching your
head and wondering what this Gold Work piece is representing, it is actually…

Have you guess it correctly? Is actually Lotus Head, which is a typical East Asia Food delight πŸ˜€

Previously I’ve also completed a Gold Work Maple Leaf.
If this interest you, you may read moreΒ here.

Before I leave you, the Spring Blog Hop Sign-up is still on, you may read more here too. I’m happy to see we have 7 bloggers (including myself) in this blog-hop so far. I wish you happy crafting on this lovely weekend. See you next time.

14 thoughts on “Needle Quest (March)~GoldWork

    • No worries.. Is just one type of embroidery.. Which I have to admit is quite costly to pursue it.. But the overall look just look very bright and glittering πŸ™‚

  1. Awesome job – I must admit I just presumed you meant gold embroidery when you started – but this is really different – and yes crafts do get very expensive.

    • πŸ™‚ thank you and to share with you..The Japanese gold thread has 2% gold and is glittering.. Slightly thicker than the normal embroidery thread.. So the finishing effect looks shiny. πŸ™‚

    • thank you for your compliment.. indeed is somewhat tricky, especially getting the supplies for the work. Check this website out, they have classes and also kits available for purchase.

      and if you like, the RSN (royal school of needlework) also conducts Gold Work short courses.. I think you will enjoy it, and also walking through Hampton Court. πŸ˜€

  2. Check out Beryl Dean, she did some amazing ecclesiastical embroidery predominately through goldwork. It’s a brilliant technique to get into!
    And if you like couching, check out a few of my blog posts πŸ˜€

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