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Hello lovely friends and readers,

Welcome back to Mailbox Monday. Actually in the past few weeks, I did received quite a number of postcards, and I’m sorry that I didn’t have time to keep up with it. Partially I had switch to another smart phone which does not allows m to email the pictures out in bulk, hence I was reluctant to make posts with many pictures.

Nevertheless, I had more time today, and I thought, I could update this section a little 😀

As you can see Spring is here and I’ve received more nature-themed this time.

I’ve 2 cards from Switzerland. The first one shows the rows of tress. I love it, it looks so peaceful and quiet. The stamps used were a flower one and one showing the country side. Thank you Sara for ending this to me. 😀

photo 1 photo 2

The second one said” he was not as fascinating as he once appeared” LOL. Is such a naughty card right, what more, it comes with lovely smurfs stamp. Awwww I love the stamps.

photo 5photo 1

Next up, you may have guess this next one is from The Netherlands, But nope, is from Dublin, Ireland. This painting (Windmill, Dangast ) is done by Erich Heckel and the artist is inspired by Vincent Van Gogh style of painting.  Thank you Mirjorn for sending this to me. 😉
photo 3photo 4

This loving looking card is from Lithuania, which comes which a lovely Winter Olympic Stamps from Sochi. Thank you Renata for this thoughtfulness of sending something to me from the Winter Olympics.
photo 2 photo 3

A lovely painted card which has the word “Asetelma” on the card. Upon researching it, is means “Still Life” in Finnish. The work is by Niilo Suojoki. Thank you Marja for this piece of art history from Finland.
photo 4 photo 5

Next up, is my ever first card from very far away~ Sao Paulo, Brazil. OMG. I’ve never received anything that far away so I’m very excited. The stamps on the extreme right shows the world FIFA games coming up in June in Brazil. The other two stamps on the left which shows a cobbler and a dress-maker. I’m not sure if you can see it from your angle. Love the stamps 😀photo 1 photo 2

This next one is from Riga, Latvia send from Zane over at we heart mail. She was my January Package friend and she send her regards to Singapore. I love this mailing project.
photo 3 photo 4

I’ve a Birch Tree Postcard from Spain. Thank you Milda for the lovely card and stamps. On one of the stamps~ Gran Via, She explained that the painting is done by Antonio Lopez Garcia, who is well-known for his  realistic style. Thank you for sharing with me some art history in Spain.
photo 1 photo 2

This Cute postcard is send out from Mike I love the penguin, I think is holding a piece of marshmallow with the fork. Thank you Daniel for making me giggle with this graphic.
photo 5photo 1 What a cute teddy bear card send all the way from Ukraine. and I love the miniature stamp used with the card. Is so 2 photo 3

This Postcard came as a surprise for me. Cos’ is from the Bahamas. I love how the water is so clear and I told my hubby maybe we got to explore this place next time. LOL.. I went to check on the map, is really far far away from where I am. I got to thank Alicia for this amazing sending.
photo 4 photo 5

Last but not least, a wonderful surprise from Frilka. She sent me lovely butterfly card and tatted butterflies. Ohhh.. this is so pretty!! She has a crafty blog which she writes about embroidery and tatting. Have a look at her blog and hope you’ll enjoy following her too.

photophoto 4I thank everyone who has shown me bits and pieces of the world and teach me things from my mailbox. All these postcards are really great teaching tools. Thank you my friends 😀


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    • heehee.. thank you.. I’ve learnt so much from the stamps and cards recieved. Everytime, I feel it taught me many interesting things and culture.

      I’m hosting a Happy Spring Blog Hop, if it interest you, do join in the fun, you can check it out in my latest post. 😀

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