Sunday Stitching (Hardanger Part 2 of 2)

Hello Friends and Readers 😉

How’s the Sunday so far? We had such great sunshine and gentle breeze. It is great seating at my craft table doing a little stitching :D.

If you recall last week, I had been doing some Hardanger. My ever first piece of work and now, I’ll like to share with you guys how the cutting up of the piece looks like.

Firstly, you need some sharp scissors. Mark the area that needed to be cut and snip slowly. I did by snipping thread by thread. After which pull out the threads (in this case, the pattern asked to pull out 4 threads) so I had a square in the middle. It is kind of like pulled thread work.
photo 1

For this pattern, it called for a woven bar after cutting out the space.
photo 4
The diagram of how this is work is like this:

Source from: The Caron Collection

The stitch is like working a figure of 8, over and under kind of motion. Afterall, is kind of wrapping the 4 threads together.

Next the two other stitches used were Dove eye’s Stitch and Picot loop
photo 3

The diagram of Dove Eye’s Stitch is as below.

Source from Nordic Needle

Source from Nordic Needle

However the Picot loops (are the little loops sticking out), these are done with the woven bar. The diagram as below too:

And after which, the work is carefully cut out. The tip is to snip thread by thread and pull it out as you go. DO NOT RUSH, to avoid snipping into the working threads.

So after few hours of cutting and tidying up…


photo 2

This is how it look in the end. I hope to do more of this beautiful embroidery in future :D. Wishing all a crafty week ahead.

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  1. Your piece looks beautiful! Hardanger is something I have not tried, but I love the look of it. I may have to give it a go some day. Your photos make it look manageable.

    • thank you.. I love to explore more on this technique as well..I just love the lacy look of it.. do give it a try and I hope to see some of your lovely work soon.. 😀

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