Coin Purse (the M’s and the L’s)

Happy Friday everyone… Sorry for being a little quiet this week..
I had been busy figuring this…

           “How to insert the metal clasp onto the Coin Purse”
photo 2

And I’ve a list of Mistakes Made (MM) and Lesson Learnt (LL).
Yup, there’s all those M’s and L’s there.

MM no. 1: A very Wonky Looking Coin Purse
photo 1LL: I’ve learnt that I need to Mark the hinges properly on the lining before closing off the top if not, I will end up with something like that… 😦

MM No. 2: Very Sticky fingers after using Strong Adhesives.
DO NOT USE i.e. Super gluephoto 5LL: I made a mistake in using super glue. My fingers were sticking all over and I made such a horrible mess 😦 (and of course, to remove all these stickiness, use nail polish remover. The acetone in the nail polish remover will remove stickiness too.. Really brilliant. And it will also remove any sickness on the clasp too.. so note to self, buy some Nail Polish Remover)
The correct adhesive kind of adhesive is this one on the picture (Clover Bond: For Handicraft). Is a white glue which leaves a clear mark when dries and less messy.

MM no. 3: Using of round-nose pliers (IS a HUGE MISTAKE)
photo 3photo 4







: The picture on the left show how I’ve used the Round Nose Pliers and made all the dents. Sigh!!! The correct tool is a flat-nose Pliers, and using a cloth to bind to the clasp as tightening along the side. This in return will make a smoother look like the one on the right.

So with all these horrid Mistakes and Brilliant Lesson Learnt, I must say, I’ve finally made some interesting coin purse although I’ve not really perfect them well. I really love them, though I think they still look a little wonky :/ LOL..
photo 3

and.. if you don’t mind me..

photo 2I think I deserve some break and I’m going to have some tea and cookies now..
What a week of sewing.. I better get back to all my needlework soon before the cloth get dusty. I’ll See you guys soon.

16 thoughts on “Coin Purse (the M’s and the L’s)

  1. The coin purses look so elegant!! I too have considered buying purse and bag handles, but never got around to it. Looking at your lovely purses is making me think again! 🙂

    • Hee hee.. I’ve got a few and threw away a few too.. Lol.. Cos I just could not figure out.. After a few tries.. I understood it.. 🙂

  2. you’ve learned lots while making these cute little purses. I’m sure next time they will be perfect ^^

  3. Thanks for showing some mistakes – it’s rare to see others show the missteps that helped them learn, which is a shame because then everyone else misses out on the learning process too! It’s a small but very valuable act of bravery. 😛

    • Thank you for your kind comment and encouragement.. I had a tough time figuring this our and hope someone will benefit from amid avoid wasting time. hope this helps.. 🙂

    • I know.. I had it lying around and then I took the courage to figure out.. But I guess is always practice and practice to make it perfect.. Have fun with yours.. 😉

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