Sunday Stitching

Hello Dear friends and readers,

Firstly, thank you for your lovely comments on the last post. I love reading each of them 🙂 Indeed, I had been busy stitching this past few days. So how’s your weekend been? For me, I’ve let my stitching down a little and I had a jolly weekend that I didn’t want it to end so soon.

Guess what, this past weekend I had been busy with my sewing machine.
Please scroll down and see what I’ve made..

and Tah-Dah…Showing off some Cosmetic Pouches I’ve made. LOL..

Cosmetic Pouch 1

I’ve made not only 1

Cosmetic Pouch 2

Not just 2

Cosmetic Pouches 3

But 3… Yay!!

I can’t believe it too.. wow.. 3 Cosmetic pouches ~phew!
And of course, not to mention (many poking from the needle, teeny bleeding from my poor fingers, heaps *uncountable* of ripping… I nearly go mad.. Oh well.. serve me right for not bring out the sewing machine often)

Anyhow, after all these drama, I got three lovely pouches. I’m really happy about it. *grin* 😀

I must also share with you this great resource too.

I’ve bought this magazine recently called~Hoop-La (Spring edition 2014). Turn to page 87 and you will get the tutorial on how to make these lovely pouches.

The cool thing is.. there is not a sign of any machine stitch showing on the zip.. LOL.. Look here… all hidden inside…

photo 4 photo 5

And what’s cool is that, there is even lining in it too… What a great tutorial… Heehee..

I’m so determine to bring out my sewing machine more to practice on it now. Like the wise man says, Practice makes perfect. I’ve yet perfect some parts yet.

Okie dokie, I’m signing off now here and I wishing you a crafty Sunday.. Take care and we’ll chat soon.


31 thoughts on “Sunday Stitching

  1. What great little pouches. You could use them for all sorts of things. I love using my sewing machine, but I sympathise with bleeding fingers – I’ve had a few in my time. We’ve had visitors this weekend so I’ve only done a tiny bit of tatting. Maybe I can get more done next week….. 😉

    • heehee.. i’ve not been very careful with all these needles.. I guess after some practice.. I’m getting okie now.. 😀
      hope to see some of your tatting post soon.. 😀

  2. Ooh what lovely pouches! I need to find more time to practice on my sewing machine! I have t least three projects where I have all of the supplies cut out and ready to go, just no time to stitch them! I’ll be glad to see the end of my uni work!

    • this is the first edition.. and Grab it before is all gone.. cos there are many yummy projects inside and my to-do list is going longer.. 😀

    • thank you.. heehee.. 😀 i’m glad to bring out the sewing machine and have some fun with it.. though i got to say that I’ve not been very good with it.. I guess is all practice and practice.. 😀

    • thank you for your comment and encouragement.. 😀
      yes, the pouches are going to be great gift.. thanks to the tutorial I’ve found in the magazine.. 😀

    • heehee.. i must say.. i got a long way to learn too.. I still can’t really sew straight.. 😦
      you are right.. is really practice and more practice.. 😀

    • heehee… Yes, i have.. all due to this new magazine.. there are so many interesting ideas inside for me to try.. it had been fun.. 😀

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