Come Fly with me…

butterfliesCome fly with me, let’s fly, let’s fly away….
(Sing to the tune of Come Fly with me by Frank Sinatra)

Last night, My hubby was chatting with a friend living in US, it seems that the winter month is not over yet and the temperature had been freezing lately. Oh dear 😦 I was sad to hear about the cold and wish I could bring some sunshine over.

I specially dedicate this post to my friends and bloggers who are still in the winter months, and I hope this will bring some sunshine over to you. For the crochet lovers, let’s us crochet some butterfliesΒ and fly away from the freezing temperature and into spring. Β You can find the Crochet Butterfly patternΒ here

I’ve included some pictures to show you how I’ve used the butterflies I’ve crocheted. I’ve used it on the wall, granny square, handmade cards and an embroidery piece.
Enjoy the photos below.

Have Replaced the Snowflakes with Butterflies

photo (1)

Up close shot of the butterflies~ Doesn’t it feel like Spring already?

Flowers and Butterflies Granny Square

Busy Butterflies Granny Square

Hand-Made Card with Inspirational Words

Happy Days~Hand made cards

A hand embroidered piece dedicated to all my blogging friends and visitors

Let’s us hope that Spring will come soon wherever you are and soon there will be sunshine and flowers will bloom.
Have a crafty weekend ahead.


34 thoughts on “Come Fly with me…

  1. This really did pick up my weatherlogged day! Here in northern Virginia, we’re just getting over the snow that dropped on us a week ago. Now that the sun has been out for a couple of days, the ground is a muddy, sludgy mess. Your butterflies make me wish I had the space to pick up crochet; I’d love to slam out a few while I’m staying inside away from the mud.

    • emmm.. how’s the winter on your side so far? for most I’ve heard is that US had the worst winter this year.. i hope some sunshine is coming your way too.. πŸ˜€

      • Yes the US has had it so bad! Luckily in the UK, it has been ok, no snow but very wet. I’m not down south enough to have flooded so I can’t complain to much but a bit of sun makes everything better πŸ™‚

    • i hope the winter months will end soon for you and some sunshine and butterflies will come your way soon.. πŸ™‚
      happy crocheting the butterflies.

  2. I do so love your wall decorations – they are always so imaginative. And I think your additions to the humble granny square make the perfect finishing touch too. Not cold here int The Gambia, but I am sympathising with those who are suffering extreme cold or flooding.

  3. We are still in the horrible season of winter here in the Michigan, US as well as most of the US. It has been a bad winter even for the southern states that don’t usually get snow and ice. We still have very tall mounds of snow everywhere and my front and back yard probably have a good 12-15 inches of snow. I hope that Spring will be coming soon. And today starts another “polar vortex” where the temps are going to be below zero. Your butterflies made me smile and dream of spring. They are beautiful.

    • Oh dear.. wow.. 12-15 inches.. that’s really high..
      I hope the days will get warmer as the days goes by for you and * crossing fingers and toes* that spring will come soon for you.. πŸ˜€

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