Mailbox Monday

Aloha Friends and faithful readers,

Hope your Weekend had gone by well for you. Over the weekend, my family came by for some home-cooked meal and we had pasta, pork chops, wine and ice-cream. My dad got kind of drunk with a can of beer and he kind-of doze off at the sofa. LOL 😀 so mom got to drive my siblings back home. I was left in cleaning up with the dishes. It was really fun having family over and we had a great time catching up.

Over the last 2 weeks I’ve also received some awesome mails and I would like to share it with you.

I’ve got this lovely postcard from Northwest Algeria,Tlemcen. I’ve looked up in Wikipedia and apparently the place is known for Olive plantation. How interesting.

Next up, a scenic view of the ancient old city of Jerusalem, with a rainbow passing through. And the stamp showed an Etrog Box. How interesting to learn about different culture.
20140214_133110 20140214_133129

One of my long-time friend in Israel send me a lovely illustration card with many beautiful stamps. I love the stamp on the extreme right which states Water~ The source of life.
20140214_133250 20140214_133257

This lovely postcard came from USA which shows Jane Austen Characters. Can you guess who the two characters are on the postcard?
20140214_133316 20140214_133325

This is my ever first card from Romaina,
Lacul Rosu (which means Red Lake). In Wikipedia, It stated that is the colour of the lake is due to the rich iron oxide collected in the region. How interesting. Emmm.. the wonders of the nature. 20140214_133350 20140214_133359
I’ve also received a SUPER big postcard which features a stamp from Mt. Kinabalu, Malaysia. I love mt. KK and the beautiful nature it offers.
Last but not least, some cute looking postcards from Germany. I love this cute elephant and of course the next one which shows a lovely teddy bear in the luggage box. 😀

20140214_133412 20140214_133421 20140214_133439 20140214_133450And before I leave you today, I want to share two more interesting packages I got.

This is from UK, is from this project which I’ve participated~ We Heart Mail. And my partner has sent me some notecards and paper embellishments. What pretty Peter Rabbit Note card and paper embellishments which I can use for my paper project. 
  20140214_134020 20140214_134048

Lastly, I was really happy to get this small note card from Warm Hearts~Warm babies. If you recall earlier, I’ve send some hand-made baby bonnets before Christmas for this organisation, and they send me a thank you note. Wow, I’m really touched by this gesture and happy to know that they got it. Emmm.. this year, hopefully I can send in more handmade stuff for the babies. 
20140214_134413 20140214_134422

I want to thank all my friends from each part of the world that have brighten up my mailbox and of course teach me something along the way. These knowledge is really precious to me. Thank you for reading and I wish you a great week ahead.


19 thoughts on “Mailbox Monday

  1. Hehe, how funny! This postcard with the elephant and mouse on it is from a German TV-Show for kids. In there they explain things from the world, how it works, why it happens, just a show where they explain stuff from the daily life! It’s called “The show with the mouse” and I watched it sometimes when I was younger 😛 childhood memories

  2. Angela. I have your very pretty envelope on my desk. And I feel slightly guilty for not sending you something more creative when I wrote you my note. I promise I will. These things you posted are just wonderful.

    • Hollis, I hope you are well and healthy.. thank you for your lovely card, I got it and don’t worry about it.. I love everything you’ve sent.. 😀 I’ll write you back soon..

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