Stitching Sunday

Recently I’ve join the ladies over at Chrissie Craft’s on their Stitching Sunday Journey. This is really a motivation for me to link up and also to browse at the many other beautiful projects done by many creative blog-friends out there.

For this link-up, I’m happy to have complete a little cross-stitch work using this book.

Title: An Embroidery note of French Style

My work is as below. I’m thinking of placing on top of a box to contain my sewing items. I’m loving the red and blue contrast. And if you ask me what does “Pour Courutier” means? I’ve tried over at google translate, and it gave it the answer to ” For Fashion”, not sure if this is really accurate, if not, please let me know and I will correct it.
20140209_194642 Stitching Sunday of course does not ends here, I’m also working on this UFO which has been sitting for the longest time in the basket since 2012. LOL. So hopefully (*crossing fingers & toes*) that I will complete it someday soon ;P.

20140209_194716 20140209_194729
Hope you had a crafty Sunday. See yeah next week.


21 thoughts on “Stitching Sunday

  1. What lovely cross stitch, thank you so much for linking to my SAL! The blue is so vivid with that red…and I’m glad you’re joining in to finish up old projects, that second one is so sweet! Chrissie x

    • thank you for popping over Chrissie.. I’m motivated by the linked up LOL.. and yes.. I’m happy to fish out the UFO and hopefully completely someday soon.. *Crossing fingers*

    • thank you very much.. 😀 is an UFO which has been sitting in the basket for very long.. and I hope to finish it up soon.. *Crossing fingers*

  2. These are lovely! It always feels good to be getting on with a UFO – I have a couple (or several!) lurking around that I intend to tackle very soon. 😉

    • yah.. definitely feel good to lift the UFO up and start again.. the thing is in a white Aida Cloth and I’m afraid that it will turn yellow soon.. 😦 so I better stitch it up and get it frame up soon.. 😀

  3. Your stitching is beautiful and it will look lovely on the top of a sewing box. So perfect! I really like your blackwork also and I am crossing fingers and toes that you will get to finish it soon 😉 I had a stitchy Sunday-spent the day cross stitching on a Round Robin in between doing laundry and watching the Walking Dead marathon.

    • thank you Ginny.. LOL.. we are watching Walking dead here too.. Is a very popular drama here in Singapore.. My hubby is a great fan.. happy crafting.. 😀

    • Hi Hollis, thank you for popping over.. I hope you are well and healthy.. I got your card the other day.. and hope to see you online soon..:D
      Happy crafting and keep warm..

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