1 Granny Square a Day (Jan Report)

Dear Friends and Readers,

Thank you for your kind words and lovely comments on previous posts, I love reading them. I hope you are kept warm and happy (as is already Friday today.. YooHoo!) wherever you may be reading this.

Wow… I can’t believe that I’m still GOING STRONG with the Granny Squares Projects. I guess the reason being that there are really many patterns out there for me to explore and learn. If you have not pop over to my gallery to follow this little quest of mine, here are the photos taken over the past 30 days.


Week 1


Week 2


Week 3


Week 4


Week 5

The links to the various squares are on the Gallery Page, so pop over to see if you like to make any of them. Most are free patterns and are easy for beginnersΒ like myself.

In addition, I’ve come across this fabulous book in the Library this week.

Title: How to Make 100 Crochet Appliques
Author: Deborah Burger
ISBN: 978-158923-752-0

Guess what, I’ve made two cute Appliques and have sewn them onto Granny Squares too. LOL. The Appliques are just so cute and I can’t resist not making any of them.


Cute Cherry Motif


Little Daisy

And there are still many pretty little motifs to be made and I will try to my best to make as many in the many weeks to come. Thank you for stopping by today and I wish you a great weekend ahead πŸ˜‰


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