Needle Quest (January)~Needle Painting

Hello Friends and readers,

Wow, can’t believe that we are in February already. Gosh, where has all the time gone in January. I just feel that time has gone by fast when you are busy crafting.

One of my goals this year is joining in the Needle Quest over at Sew in Love. For the Month of January, we will be focusing on Needle Painting. There are many technical terms to Needle Painting if you look up on the internet. It will fall under Silk-Shading, Thread Painting, Long and Short Stitching, etc. I must say is my first attempt in such a highly skilled embroidery. So bear with me if my skills are not to standard.

I’ll take this opportunity to show you what I’ve complete for the January Needle Quest. I must say, I had a fun time switching between colors. The pattern I’ve used is this UFO sitting in the basket since 2012. Yup, it had been that long ago LOL. The design comprises of an oak leave with a little acorn.


Oak Leave

The oak leaves are in the blend of various shade of brown, red and orange. Is symbolizing the changing colors of autumn. The colors of Brown use are DMC 300, 301, 400 and 918. The red and orange shares are DMC 817, 900 and 740 respectively. Which are all very autumn shades actually.


Little Acorn

The cap of acorn uses many french knots, which I’ve used a blend of DMC 844 with a strand of DMC 301. So there’s some mixture of grey and brown too.

And Viola, after many hours of stitching, I’ve finally complete it. I’m so happy that this has been lifted out from the UFO box. Yay!


Finished piece


All Framed up

I wish you a happy and crafty weekend.

29 thoughts on “Needle Quest (January)~Needle Painting

    • thank you for your kind words and encouragement.. 😀
      it took me a while to understand what long and short stitching is all about too.. i had fun having a go with this. 😀

    • thank you for popping over today and your kind words.. 😀 I had a great time learning and stitching this piece.. it was fun learning new things.. I wish you a great week ahead. 😀

  1. Gorgeous!! I have a few books on thread painting and really want to give it a go. Some of the works I’ve seen look like oil painting masterpieces!

    • thank you for your kind words and encouragement..
      yup.. the aim of the finished effect is somewhat like what you’ve mentioned~oil painting.. so there’s a need to use many similar shades of colours.. i had a fun time stitching this and learning about long and short stitching.. 😀 hope you can try the needlework one day too.. 😉

  2. Congratulations – needle painting is so difficult! I’m trying to learn and improve, I love the autumn leaf design, so nice to get varied colours! Please consider linking it up to my stitch-a-long? Chrissie x

  3. Wow! This is so beautiful! I have never tried needle painting, but I can see how tricky it is, and I’m really impressed with how well you’ve got on. XX

    • hi hi OkeCrafter, great to see you online.. 😀
      yup.. i got to agree with you that it took me sometime to comprehend short and long stitching.. it was fun to had a go and complete a UFO (gosh, which has been sitting for a LONG time).. happy crafting.

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