Mailbox Monday

Hello lovely readers,

Welcome new friends who recently joined in. 😀 Is great to have you on board.

Today on Mailbox Monday,

I got a lovely postcard from Japan, Mt. Fuji. Nicole-san said she can see Mt. Fuji from her window daily. How lucky is that. 😀
And I love the quote on the postcard: “I hope your future flourishes”
Next up, I’ve got a hand-made one. Angeline from Malaysia uses Washii-tape for the postcard decoration. How smart is that. This is my first Hand-made postcard. Well done babe.
A cute rabbit postcard was sent from Malaysia too. I love the stamp used on it. It says “colour my world” and what a pretty illustration.
From Canada, Janet Send me a beautiful Iris postcard. On it there were some beautiful nature stamps on it. Thank you so much. 🙂

I’ve also received a letter from letteraddicted. Love the stamps used and I will reply you soon.. 😉

Last but not least, I received 2 lovely packages from The Netherlands today. One was a tag game which I’ve joined in, and Anicka got me some Lovely Madeira Thread. Yay! that’s an add-on to the craft stash. 😉
And she sure has surprised me with so many beautiful stamps on the package. Thank you so much. I love the stamps.

20140127_222724 20140127_222800 20140127_222826

And Ina (from The Netherlands) Really know how to surprised me too with lovely stationary and More Washii Tapes. LOL 😉 Thank you for your kindness.
Thank you ladies for all the wonderful mail exchanges. And if you like to have something from me. Let me know. I can exchange postcard/craft/ packages, contact me and we can arrange for it. Hope you have mails in your mailbox today. 😀

Happy MailBox


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  1. Lots of wonderful mail. I love the Mt. Fuji post card. How wonderful that Nicole gets to see it everyday. The flowery post cards are reminding me that Spring is coming, right?

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