Grow your Blog Party & Giveaway

Hello friends and readers,

Thank you for stopping by either by chance or via Grow your blog. Firstly, I thank Vicki from 2 Bags full for organizing this and letting us have a chance to blog hop to all the crafty and beautiful blogs out there. (I’m at #235) Apparently there are 500+ blogs who has signed up and well there’s really lots of blog hopping to be done :D.

To all new friends, let me give a small introduction of this blog.
My name is Angela and I stay in the smallest country in the world, located at the South-East Asia~ Singapore. We are about 710km square in size.

Yup.. that’s me!

I love traveling, crafting and reading. I had the opportunity to visit some beautiful places in the world and I like the feeling of getting lost in some where out there. I love the 4 seasons especially Autumn and being in the Tropics, I love the sea, sun and sand too.

I started out this blog about 1 year ago (though I’ve back dated some posts to 2012). Initially, I wanted to joint down the time I spent in UK, like making a small dairy. Then I thought, I should leave that, cos it had been the most beautiful memories I had of living outside my comfort zone, in a foreign land all by myself.

So the crafty journey begins and I had fun sharing crafty ideas and doing crafty things. In this blog, you will find happiness in many crafty things like cross-stitching, knitting and crochet. Since this is a new blog, I’m still exploring what’s out there for me too. I must say, over time, I grew more confident about my writing style and I’ve learnt from other bloggers on how to categorized my blog post too.

This year, I’ve started out
Mailbox Monday , where you can follow me on my mail and craft exchanges. I love sending and
receiving mails so I have dedicated some time to this too. Is fun to spread love around the world don’t you agree?

I’m also embarking on a Granny Square a day Project.
You can read more about it here.

A short snippets on my other crafty projects includes embroidery and some crafty exchanges where you can find it more here and here.


Some crafty projects

Sometimes along the way, you will have fun joining some giveaways too. I love to return back to the community and make someone smile when they open their mailbox. So if you’ve hopped via Grow your Blog party or have been a regular friend of this blog, please go ahead and choose one gifts from the following. I will then do a lucky draw on the 15th Feb 2014 via Random number. Yes, this is open to all to join in and I will ship internationally.


Crafty Set

Crafty Set~ Which includes an embroidery hoop, fat quarter, sewing thread and charms.


Mailing Set

 Mailing Set~ Which includes 5 postcards, washii tape and rubber stamp.

Criteria in entering:
1. Please ONLY comment in this post and choose either “Crafty Set” or “Mailing Set”
2. Please indicate some form of contact, either your email or blog so I can contact you if  you win.
3. Closing date: 15th Feb 2014

Is as simple as that. If your like to hear more form me, feel free to follow me on this blog via your email, I’m also on Bloglovin’ and twitter. Have fun blog hopping and thank you for stopping by today. 😀


75 thoughts on “Grow your Blog Party & Giveaway

  1. Hi, Angela – SO happy you dropped by my blog, which lead me here, to you!!! I have met some of the very nicest people, across the oceans from the States, through blogging! I know I’m going to have fun looking around here – as far as your delightful giveaway, I could never choose – they are both wonderful…a surprise would be just fine, if I were lucky that day! Happy Blog Party! Tanya

    • Hi Tanya, thank u for popping over.. Isn’t is fun to look at all these beautiful blogs.. And hope u had a great blog hop.. Great weekends ahead..

  2. That crafty set looks lovely 🙂 Although I’ve been following you a while, it’s still nice to hear about your background and such, as bits don’t always come up in the standard posts 🙂

    • I will enter ur name to crafty set.. Yup..i do have to agree i don’t write personal stuff on this blig.. More crafty projects.. Great weekends.. 🙂

  3. Hi Angela
    Thanks for popping by my blog and leaving a comment. What a lovely blog you have, I look forward to following it. I love Singapore – I have been there twice, and will definitely go again in the future.

  4. Hi Angela. Thanks so much for visiting my blog ( which makes me bring here to your beautiful corner! You have such a beautiful sill for knitting and crafting! My husband is Singaporean and we spent many years there together before moving to US. A very beautiful places! Want to visit UK too! Happy crafting!

    • thank you for popping over and happy crafting to you too… i would like to see USA one day too.. haven’t been that far yet.. Happy weekends ahead..

  5. I found your blog by Grow your Blog party. I love your granny squares, they will make a wonderful blanket! You are welcome to visit my blog and give away too. If I win in your give away I would like the crafty set. Greetings from Marit Johanne in Norway

  6. Angela, thanks for stopping by my GYB post this morning, and I’m happy to return the favor. From your post, it certainly does seem you’ve found your “blog voice,” a mix of crafting and travel…and even when you can’t travel yourself, you have the fun of your Mailbox Monday. The crafty set looks wonderful…if I’m lucky enough to win, you can find me at

  7. Hi Angela…I’m a follower of your blog and I enjoy receiving your updates in my email. I like would love to enter the giveaway and of course would welcome the crafty set. Thank you for the chance.

  8. I found your blog through the grow your blog party. You were my first visitor. I just moved my blog this week. Thanks for stoping by. Your crafty work is very lovely. I’ve never gotten to travel but love seeing the world through others eye. I’ll be following! Thanks for the chance to win. I like the crafty set! Have a wonderful day!

  9. Hi Angela, such a cute picture of you. I didn’t know you’d lived in the UK will be checking out those posts!! I’d opt for the crafty set, thanks 🙂

    • Sure will add ur name to crafty set.. I lived in UK for a short while.. It was fun to be in somewhere out of Asia.. 🙂 great weekends to u.

  10. The Crafty Set looks great! Hehe. I love blog hopping, and that’s how we met right? It was nice knowing you Angela. I hope your blog readers will be expanding. Cheers!

  11. “Craft Set” – this is a fantastic idea and you are definitely sharing the love of craft and also have a lovely blog. I can be contacted by my blog if I am a lucky winner. Fingers crossed.

  12. Hi Angela, Thank you so much for visiting my blog and your lovely comments! I am glad it led me back to you – gosh, you have a lot going on on your blog! I love Singapore – it’s our favourite place – we have been twice and have another visit planned in May! I’m following you on Bloglovin’. I would like the crafty set if I’m the lucky one please:) Warm wishes
    Jules x

  13. Ok, I had to generate a wordpress acount to comment…… I saw many lovely things and I am following you already.

  14. Good Morning Angela,
    Lovely to meet you! I also am a craft person and think your mailing set would be fun to win. I’ve tried to crochet but not succeeded, and am currently helping my daughter knit baby hats for a Children’s Hospital as a Girl Scout project.
    I will follow so I can see pictures of your,crafts and lovely country. Someday, I hope to own a passport.

    • hi Lyn,
      thank you for popping by.. and wow.. that’s a lovely project to be involved in.. you are so kind to knit hats for a children hospital..
      sure I will enter your name into the mailing set.. have a lovely week ahead.. 😉

  15. Hello! Ky here. It’s cold and I am so ready for warm weather! But I can get lots of sewing done while it’s cold outside. I’d love to win the “crafty set”.

  16. Hi Angela 🙂 That’s a beautiful photo of you amidst the foliage! This entire post, in fact, is a pretty little presentation of all the crafty things on your blog! I’d like to join the fun and enter to win your crafty set giveaway. Happy February! ❤

  17. Hi Angela, I´m visiting via the GYB hop and I´m pleased to find your lovely blog. Generous giveaway, I like the crafty set. Hope you have time to enter my pretty giveaway too. best wishes

  18. Looking forward to following your blog, it looks like fun. Please add me to the mailing set giveaway, thanks.
    What a “small” world, my husband is in Singapore this week for work! He said it’s hot compared to the ice/snow/cold we’ve been getting, he’ll be home Saturday before we get MORE snow!

    • thank you for hopping over.. and hope your Husband is enjoying Singapore.. and I will add your name to the Mailing set.. Keep warm and happy blog hopping.

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