Wordless Wednesday

Arranging the Hooks back to the place it belongs.20130319_140336
Afternoon: As seen outside Art House, Stitch a Leave project20131225_141703
Evening: Guess what is on my hook?20140115_230337

13 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

    • heehee..the Stitchg a leaf was a project done here in Singapore sometime ago.. i didn’t join in.. but it was great to look at the completed art work..

    • thank you.. the trick is.. “use small crochet hook” but which also means.. taking very long time to complete it.. emmmm… the ups and downs of crocheting.. 🙂

  1. Your crochet hooks look so sweet and inviting sitting in a pretty jar…I should get mine out and store them that way. Maybe seeing them will inspire me to pick up the hook again. Love the pink you are working on.

  2. Hi! I stumbled across your bog while looking for knitting shops around SIngapore. The last picture of your handicraft is beautiful! I am interested to try out knitting. Do you have any recommendations of how do I start? (e.g. where do I buy materials as a first-timer?) And do you do both crocheting and knitting? Is there a big difference? I would love to try out both. I will really appreciate your help!

    • Hi Hi.. thank you for your lovely comment and dropping by.
      there is a different between crochet and knitting. Yes, I do both. In Singapore, you can get your yarn from Spotlight. is a mega craft store. 😀 have fun shopping.
      I usually check out some guidebooks from the library for my knitting patterns. 😀

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