MailBox Monday

Hello my dear readers and new friends who just joined in.

Warmest Welcome to my humble space.
I just realized, I’ve not been really posting regularly like I used to (*Oops considering this is my 3rd post in 2014*). I know I’m here in the cyberspace almost everyday updating my page on A Granny Square a day project, but I’m just not keeping up with writing a post. Oh well, lazy me..

Heehee.. Anyway, Today I’m going to start a series of post for all the wonderful mails and postcards received. Oh you know how much I love receiving mails from all over the world, so I thought, why not dedicate some time and category for it. Look I even made a button for it.

So here goes all of the lovely mails received…
First off a teddy bear walking on a cane with a pretty top hat from Canada. The sender had pasted a pretty fawn and Christmas-theme stamps I love it.

Next, I received this postcard from Croatia. Is two girls stitching up a Christmas Stocking. The image it sure very vintage looking and It comes with a pretty stamp from Croatia.

Another vintage looking postcard from Russia. It looks like little children jumping over the fence for their present. What lovely illustration.

An a kind soul from Germany has sent me a Hello Kitty one in Winter theme. OMG. I love this is so cute. And I must the stamp she used is really very cute too. LOL. Such lovely illustration.

And I received this lovely Christmas Postcard with elf and the birds in knitted wear from Lithuania with over-flowing snowflakes. The postcard is by a local Illustrator, Lina Zutaute.
The most adorable bears in bathrobe from The Netherlands and I love them. What an idea to dress the teddy bear in bathrobe like that.


I’ve also received some very well hand-made items from Azura ChanΒ over in Malaysia. The Frog is just so cute. Love it. πŸ˜€


Last but not least, a little surprise from Sweden. I was not expecting this, but I must the sender have given me a lovely surprise and I love Karl Fazer Chocolate. Hopefully all the crochet squares have came into use for the charity blanket.


Thank you my friends for making my Mailbox and Monday a happy one. Hope you have some fabulous mails too. πŸ˜‰

14 thoughts on “MailBox Monday

  1. My goodness, you have got loads in the post! Since Christmas I haven’t got back into the swing of snail-mailing yet, I must pick it up again! I got a cute frog too!

    • heehee.. thank you and I’m thinking of making the grog into a cute brooch or something.. so i can pin it up.. πŸ˜€
      hope you’ll get back to snail-mailing again.. πŸ˜‰

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