Hello 2014…

we_wish_you_a_golden_2014A Warmest Welcome to new friends who just join in and big hugs to all my regular blogging pals, I wish your start of 2014 has been going well for you so far.

OMG, we are already into the 3rd day of 2014, so what have you been up to these few days?

As for me, I had a great chance to take a walk at theSungei Buloh Wetland Reserve Park on 1st Jan and the best thing was I spotted a Horn bill and a crocodile. Silly me, I didn’t bring any camera to the walk :(. The best part was seeing many great white egrets. This is the period of birds migrations, mostly from the North and the birds may stay here for a while till they head off during March. I must make another trip to the Park again. This time, *note to self* please bring a camera.

I had some relaxing time off during the New Year and had time to catch up with my lovely friend Ling back from Aussie Land. I miss her so much and we had fun over dinner and tea. I feel that this year is going to be a great one compare to 2013.

I’m quite poor with list-making and keeping up with it, I must say I not much of Β a list maker, though I’ve attempted them before. On the happier note, I’ve some ideas to share and *Crossing fingers* to complete at the end of 2014.

So here goes…

First off, I’m trying a small project for myself. It will be a Granny Square per day. I’ve set up a page here and if you are keen you can watch my progress too. (*Crossing fingers that I can find that many squares to fit in 365 days)

Next off, I’ve been invited by Choni over in Portugal to join in some mailing quest (We Heart Mail) for the year of 2014. The website is not up yet, but I’m looking forward to many exchanges and making new friends ahead.

Last but not least, I’m going on a Stitching Quest with Sew In LoveΒ and Small Sals. I’ve yet think of what I can do yet, but stay tune for some exciting stitching adventures.

Heeheee.. is just 3 things and seems like there will be many happy crafting and mailing stories ahead so stay tune with me and hopefully we will have a happy and crafty year ahead.

Best wishes,

15 thoughts on “Hello 2014…

  1. Wishing you all the best for 2014. So far this year I have been taking it easy, still recovering from the flu. And we have had so much snow (still snowing today) that I haven’t really ventured anywhere. Now if I could just get some stitching done πŸ™‚

    • ooohh dear.. 😦
      I hope you get well soon and hopefully you be able to work on some great masterpieces.. Miss your stitching post.. and the snow storm should be over? Few days back I read on the news that New York was declared in the state of emergency due to the snow storm.. I hope it didn’t blow it towards your area..
      *praying hard*

    • hi knitxpressions.. Happy new year to you too.. ohhh.. so glad to see you on-line.. I’ve been thinking if you’ve already delivered and is busy with the little one.. πŸ˜€
      I wish you great health and joy in 2014..
      heehee.. is just a small little thing which i’ve embarked on.. and *crossing fingers* that i will have the determination not to give up half-way.. πŸ™‚

      • Hello =) No I’ve not yet delivered – about another 5 weeks to go. I’ve got a bit lazy lately so have been offline. I’m feeling quite bad about it but I somehow just haven’t found the motivation to sit down and write. I’m summoning some of that motivation now, so there’s a blog update today. Look out for that =D

        I’m sure you’ll find the determination to carry through your one square a day! Just think about the big achievement in the end and what a show-off it’ll be!!!

        • wow.. so is going to be Feb baby.. LOL.. just like me.. same month.. πŸ˜€ and thanks for stopping by today.. hopefully I will have the determination to complete.. *crossing fingers and toes..

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