A Winter Witch

Hello my dearest Friends and Readers..

Warmest Welcome and thank you for stopping by today.

I’ve been wanting to stitch this Lovely Winter Witch over at The Snowflower Diaries.

And I’m glad that I’ve managed to complete a small finish just before the New Year. Yay!


Is my first time making a cord and also adding some beads at the side. (*Note to self: maybe I need to make a thicker cord next time?)

And Currently The Winter Witch is hanging in the Living Room to bring in some Winter Cheer.
20131230_154140*For my readers in the North: Keep warm! and I’ll be back tomorrow for some happy mail posts. Till then, *Hugs*




21 thoughts on “A Winter Witch

    • heehee.. thanks.. is my first time making a cord..i was quite worried that it didn’t turn out too well.. guess we just got to work more with it..
      I hereby wish you great health and many happiness in 2014.. 😀

    • thank you for your comment and oooh…. so sad that the snow has been blown away.. 😦
      Is there more sunlight now at your area? Here, we are having Rain and More wind..
      I wish you a happy new year and great health in 2014

      • Oh, we’re never sad to see the snow blown away… We prefer it to just melt, but blowing it off the roadway into snowbanks works well enough for this time of year 😉 Sunshine is one thing we definitely get a lot of, throughout the year 🙂 Wishing you all the best in the new year for a wonderfully creative 2014 ❤

    • thank you for your kind words and encouragement..
      I wish you the happy new year and may 2014 brings you great happiness and health.. Cheers.. 😀

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