Trying to Sit Real Still…

Not sure how many of you are like myself, unable to sit real still for Christmas? I’m like this when nearing to Christmas time. Very excited and would love to wait for Santa at the roof top and see his reindeer and welcome him to make a stop on my Chimney to bring me some Christmas goodies.

Well the thing is, I don’t have a Chimney, but I still can’t help but wonder what’s in all those Mystery Wrapped up packets and Boxes. Haha, maybe somewhere within all of us we still have that young spirit of having the Christmas Dream.

Yup.. 2 more days.. and
I’m so looking forward to unwrapped everything…

For now, I’m trying to sit still and focus on finished up the SAL (Part 4), which has just recently been released.
20131223_150718And I must say that, I’m happy that is all done up. Yay! Can’t wait for Part 5 to be released.

And if I don’t catch you in the next few days,
I hereby Wish all my Friends and readers,
::A Blessed Christmas and a Happy New year to All::


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