I’m Dreaming of…

a White Christmas..


You may find the pattern here, here and here.

14 thoughts on “I’m Dreaming of…

    • I’m really up for that..Yay!! (*if Only there will be some snow)
      But… is going to be freaky.. (just early this year there was hail
      in the west part of Singapore.. and is really freaky for most of us.. )

      • Yeah, snow in Singapore would not be a good thing. You’d need to keep it indoors! 😉 Around here, hail storms are a normal part of summer. Any time ice falls from the sky can be very scary… and also damaging!

        • hahah… oh yah… i’ve read reports on big “rocks” falling from the skies and hitting the car windscreen.. on a happeir note..hope your Christmas Preparation has been going well and Wishing you a Merry Christmas.. 😀

  1. This reminds me of cutting dozens of snowflakes out of tissue paper to stick on our windows when I was a child. This year I’ve been tatting snowflakes, but your shadow patterns look great!

    • Oh..I ‘m so happy to see you on-line again… How have you been.. As there’s no snow here.. I’ve make some from paper cutting.. I’m popping over to see your tatting snowflakes.. Wishing you merry Christmas and a happy new year. 🙂

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