A Celestial Love Affair

For the past few days.. celestial lovers like myself has been anticipating the arrival of Comet Ison.

It was reported to be the Comet of the Century and brightest to view on the 1st December and will be a Christmas Delight in the beautiful Night Skies for us.
(Image Credit from :ISON Campaign; Image credit: Damian Peach]

Sadly on the 28th November,  Comet Ison may be dying out as it took a turn (at 1.17 million km) above the surface of the Sun.

Now we are not sure if any of ISON fragments will still dance for us in the night skies right through December.

As I join the rest of the astronomy lovers around the globe waiting for a concrete answer on what has happened, I’ve been crocheting some lovely stars

And if you’re wondering what are those blue, fluffy looking stuff; they are these little guys~Clouds.

Yes, (on this little island which I lived, is usually heavily overcast) these little guys very often flood our night skies which sometimes really makes it impossible to spot the Constellation.

DSC02255For now…I guess,
I can only enjoyed the celestial affairs on my wall 😦
I’m hoping that we don’t have to wait too long for an answer.


10 thoughts on “A Celestial Love Affair

    • Hi Laura..
      thank you for popping over.. and thank you for the pattern too.. I’m glad to have followed your pattern.. It has been fun to follow.. Love reading your post and projects.. 😀

  1. I can just imagine how cheerful your home must be, adored with all your crafting. I wonder if you would consider doing a post about that. Maybe it is too personal, though:-) I’d understand.

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