And Let the Countdown Begin….

Hello my dearest Friends and New Readers,

Thank you for the lovely comments you’ve dropped me on the other post. I love reading your comments πŸ˜€

Wow, have you realized is already 1st December and we are only 24 days away from the Big C word ~Christmas.

Maybe you recall one of my earlier post, which I mentioned that I was busy stitching a Christmassy Project.

And this Big Red Cloth had become an Advent Calendar. Yay!
I’m happy to present you and show you the finished piece.
Ta-dah.. All Red and White. I just love this stitched pattern. Even the numbers were Hand Stitched.

What caught my eye in this pattern was the little characters we got to stitched over at certain dates and also the little lace which we got put over the dates.
Also the following snow effect made using with one white cross-stitch.
I must say white Thread on red Aida Cloth really does bring out the color contrast well.


And now, I’m going to be busy filling in the pockets with Small gifts. So let the countdown begins. Have you put up your advent calendar yet? There are so many pretty ones over at Pinterest which makes me wanna decorate all my walls with it. LOL.. They are just so gorgeous.

And Before I leave today, I wanna leave you some giveaways opportunity happening over at other blogs, which may be of your interest to join. So have fun popping over to other websites. Have fun entering these great giveaways.

For Cross Stitching Lover:
over at Victoria Motto Sampler Shoppe
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For Knitters/Crocheters:
A made-in China Giveaway

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19 thoughts on “And Let the Countdown Begin….

  1. Your advent calendar is so gorgeous! I love the colours combination and the patterns that you stitched. Cute!
    Also thanks for sharing the giveaway links.

    • thank you for your comment.. there are just so many pretty advent calenders around that I want to make them too.. even the knitted ones which I’ve seen are pretty.. is just tat i’m just so slow with knitting..

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