A Little Christmas Spirit & Winners announced!

Hi my dearest friends and readers,

How’s mid-week been so far for you?

I was in the City yesterday catching up with some friends and I’m happy to see that the Christmas Tree is up already.
20131114_205344I’m still waiting for the big light up at the Shopping Belt of Orchard Road. I wonder when will that happen. Of course, I do envy my friend in Europe which are already posting pictures of the Christmas Market. They are so lovely. I wished I’m there this year.

Anyhow, as you know I’m in the Christmas mode already and I’ve been stitching some Christmas Pattern.


Also, I’ve not forgotten November’s Giveaway. I’ve been secretly planning for a big one.. The thing is I’ve already got the winners’ list. WHAT!! How come the giveaway is not announced on the blog.. Heehee..Sorry I’m being a little naughty here.

The nice part is I really want to send something small to my friendly blogging friends who had been supporting me, giving me encouragement by leaving their thoughts and comments on my blog. So for the winners, they are those who have left me a comment on the last 4 posts in November (3rd, 8th, 10th & 13th November)

The list of Winners are:

1. happyface313
2. knitnrun4sanity
3.  Sewing beside the Sea
4. eadouglas
5. thegreytail
6. azurachan
7. sugarlychee
8. indigojason
9. ariadnithread
10. Hannah Ackroyd
11. rainbowjunkiecorner
12. thegrangerange
13. fawn
14. Ginny
15. Hollis Hildebrand-Mills
16. Cloud Coucou
17. Claire93

the winners can choose either:

(1) A Hand-made Christmassy pin cushion by me.

(2) A small Store-bought present for your Christmas stocking

okie winners,
Please email me your:
1) choice of gift
2) Name & Blog Name/address.
3) Mailing address
no later than 18th November.

If you have chosen a hand made pin cushion, please allow some time for me to complete. And the gift will be on their way out to you soon. Congratulations winners and thank you once again for the support all these while.

29 thoughts on “A Little Christmas Spirit & Winners announced!

  1. I’m on the list? It warms my heart; you will never know. That you included me! How sweet! Yes I love Christmas too. I love the lights and my tree, as I have said, is my favorite part. Thanks for including me on your list!!!!!

  2. Thank you so much for this kind offer although I am so late! Taking so much time out of your day to prepare all the gifts for your readers shows exactly how much you care for them! Keep up like this!! 🙂 🙂

  3. What a lovely generous idea – & what a great idea for pin cushion – I have this similar design as coasters – super easy – now I have another option for this groovy design

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