Look at this…

My lovely readers and friends,

Thank you for popping today.

Ooh… if you’ve recalled my one “not too long ago” post about this lacy top…
well.. guess what, I picked up my knitting needles on Friday evening and get my hands working again..

& Viola..

I’ve completed it.. I’m so so happy about it… and the top fits me just so well.. I’ve used 100% baby merino wool for this project.. and I can’t described how soft the top is. Initially I was worried that the wool may cause me some irritation.. but NOPE.. is just so great in it.

20131027_143701and very sexy looking with jeans.. LOL

What do your think about this lacy top?

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21 thoughts on “Look at this…

    • Hee hee… Yup.. He said is sexy looking. And has changed his perception for knitting.. He thought is usually for older women.. πŸ™‚ now he approves of me knitting..

    • Hee hee.. He thought knitting is for older folks.. But i told him is not.. The skill learnt is for life.. Hee hee.. I love the lacy look.. πŸ™‚

    • heehee.. thank you.. i love the lacy pattern.. and I got to admit.. i was not too patient with it.. i left it aside for almost ~1 month and took it out again before completing it.. I’m happy with the overall outcome.. I wish you a lovely autumn ahead.

    • heehee… i think i made a small typo error.. i got to change to Baby Merino Wool.. ahhh.. i was so excited to post it and made that error.. heehee.. i believe the merino wool will be too warm for our weather here.. πŸ˜€

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