~*Oh Happy Mails*~

Hi lovely friends and readers,

I just realized I’ve not updated the Happy mails I’ve received for a while. So I’ve gather all the pretty postcards and Tah-dah, these are the lovely ones which floated into my mailbox over the past few weeks.

First off, a lovely vintage looking card with a girl sewing. Love it.

And the sender has decorated with needle and thread stickers. How lovely.

Next, I got a lovely postcard send all the way from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I love the postmark.
20131017_124709 20131017_124715

Who can resist these lovely teddy bearsย from Russia? Aren’t they adorable?
20131017_124747 20131017_124811

Last but not least, A mis-sent postcard top Taipei from the UN? I wonder why this was mis-sent? Nevertheless the post-marking and stamps are just beautiful.

20131017_124824 20131017_124830 20131017_124837


Any happy mails in your mailbox lately?


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