Sewing on Gingham Cloth

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I’ve found an interesting way to do Cross-Stitching. Instead of Using Aida/ Even-weave, I’m trying out with Gingham Cloth.
20131003_113545I’m starting to like how the look of the it.
It does add a little country style to it. I’ve attached a humble picture of my try out so far:
20131003_113532I’m following a Cross-Stitch Pattern which eventually I hope to turn it into a pillow cover. This is still at the beginning of the work. Hopefully in the weeks to come, I’m able to complete it.

The challenges I find using Gingham Cloth are as follows:
1) The space are not really squarish-looking, so in a way, the Cross stitches may not have a square looking shape. I then realized that it may be the Gingham cloth which I’ve chosen. Some have a small square looking shape, others come in a more oblong shape. So the choice of Gingham Cloth is important.

2) The quality of the cloth. I have purchased some expensive ones at SGD$8 per meter (100% cotton) which has a steady look compare to SGD$2 which is soft and easily crumpled. So I guess, it really depends on how much you would like to pay for your project.

3) I have to use at least 4 strands of embroidery floss compared to the normal 2 strands as the 4 strands will have a better impact on the cloth. Also I tend to choose more solid colour compare to pastel ones. I guess, this maybe personal choices, but I don’t recommend in using 2 strands as the cross-stitched work looks too sketchy and does not have a solid look.

Feel Free to drop me any comments/feedback on your experiences in using any other sewing cloth. I would love to hear from you.

I wish you happy stitching ahead.

23 thoughts on “Sewing on Gingham Cloth

  1. oh wow, definitely makes cross stitching a lot more interesting when you use different background fabrics.

    • heehee.. thank you for stopping by today… is something which I’m still learning how to make the “X” looks squarish.. just trying something different from the normal Aida.. 😉

  2. I’ll be dong something similar this winter, with the Broderie Suisse. Maria Concetta, the designer who brought back this traditional kind needlework, is hosting a class at the fair I’ll visit and I’d love to squeeze in 🙂
    can’t wait to show you how cool it is!

    • ohhh.. that’s awesome.. i hope to see your creation soon.. I learnt it from a book.. will be great to have attend a class and learn from the professional.. 😀

    • heehee.. i see.. i’m following a design from a book.. and have not yet finished it.. will post the finished item soon.. thank you for popping over.. 😀

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