Yoohoo the Hoop is Here!

Hello friends and readers who just join us,

Greetings and I hope your weekend had been well.

Yay! I must say after the long wait the 8 inch hoop has finally arrived. If you’ve not read my earlier entry, I’ve signed myself up for a cross stitch exhibition. The earlier post can be found here.

So, I picked up from the mailbox this afternoon. And after opening up the envelope carefully, there sit the 8 inch hoop and instruction sheet. Now, I’ve got to think on what can I stitch on it before the submission date of 15th November.

Well the Happy mails of course does not stops here. Over the past few weeks, I did have some happy items coming through. So I thought maybe I should just consolidate and put all in one post for you guys to see.

First off, this must be the most number of stamps on an envelope. Sent all the way from The Netherlands. I counted 20 stamps. I totally love it. I wonder where my swap friend got all these pretty stamps. And she is so kind to Angel one of my swap. Cos I got Flake 😦 and she read about it, So kind of her.
20130911_234249 20130911_234403

I also received some pretty swap from Malta. I’ve not been there yet, I thought they will use some foreign currency but am surprise to see they use Euros too. Interesting stamps they have but emm.. sad to see that there’s no post-marking.


I also got his pretty postcard from Hungry. My swap partner has chosen an embroidery theme Postcard for me and had stick it with pretty stamps. Thank you partner.
20130924_220704 20130924_220717

Moomin card from Finland sent by a fellow Post-crosser. Yay! Β 20130924_220957
I got this pretty Hello Kitty Postcard and Stamped from Japan, after I helped out with a Birthday RAK. I love the hello kitty stamp. So cute.20130924_221012 20130924_221025

Β A lovely vintage looking postcard send by another fellow post-crosser from The Netherlands. Thank you my friend.

Last but not least, A lovely letter from Christina, my pen-friend from Switzerland.

Thank you all for feeding my mailbox with Happy mails.
I hope your mail box is filled with many awesome mails and things this week. Happy swapping.


11 thoughts on “Yoohoo the Hoop is Here!

  1. Love all your happy mails πŸ™‚ And all of those different stamps are gorgeous! Can’t wait to see what you decide to stitch for your submission. Good luck!

  2. That is so interesting that you trade postcards with people from all over. I have a friend here in Atlanta and we used to write postcards to each other. I mean we could talk on the phone or even see each other in person, but we wrote the most amazing things on those postcards..I love your Hello Kitty stamp. That is my favorite.

    • Thank you for stopping by and yah.. I think i’ve kept the post office busy.. I love anything hello kitty and got the postcard from a swap friend in japan.. If u like.. I csn also fo private swap and sebd items from singapore.. πŸ˜‰

  3. My hoop has arrived too. It’s so exciting! Hopefully we manage to finish it by the dateline.
    I like collecting stamps and postcards too. Perhaps one day we can swap. πŸ˜€

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