I’m SALing with Les Marottes De Nathalie

Dear Friends and New readers,

Warm welcome to my humble space. Thank you for stopping by today. Hope your Week has gone by well.

I recently stumble upon a postย by linbeth recently. She writes beautifully about stitching and I’m happy to see there’s a SAL going on over here. The website is in French, but thanks to Chrome (which is the current browser I’m using, it allows translation over to English.)
The SAL is free for all to join in.

What caught my attention was the positive phrases which will be release in parts over the months to Stitch. You may choose from English, French, Italian and Spanish. I’ve chosen the English one and my part 1 is as below:

20130920_174214Part 2 will release in October, so don’t forget to bookmark the page. I’ve made some slight changes to the colour as suggested. Mine is a little on the towards the pastel/lighter colour side.

Also, I had a chance to visit Chinatown this week. On Thursday 19th September, Chinese Worldwide celebrated the Mid-autumn festival. I managed to capture some pictures. I love the paper lanterns. Enjoy!~.

20130914_172748IMG_20130921_103743 IMG_20130921_103927Have a fabulous weekend ahead.


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  1. you know, we’ll be doing this together ๐Ÿ™‚
    yours looks lovely! well done!
    I have all the materials still in Hungary but I promise to start as soon as they arrive ๐Ÿ˜€

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