Bullion Rose

I had fun this cool morning doing some Bullion knots and turn them into roses. Emm.. I must say, I love the outcome though I may need to tighten when i need to and perhaps adjusting them so the effect looks much better.


Oh well, I guess I just need to practice and practice more with this technique.

So I present to you.. the not too perfect Bullion Roses (A much clearer picture).



If you have any tips for me to improve.. please share with us and leave me a comment and let me know how to. I’m always willing to hear how I can improve my techniques. I thank anyone who provide me tips in advance and also thank you for stopping by today. Have a great Tuesday ahead.

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21 thoughts on “Bullion Rose

    • thank you for your kind words Claire.. I picked it up from a book i read.. so I’m still trying it.. think there’s something wrong with the tension.. Guess i just got to practice and practice.. 😀

  1. They look beautiful! I have never made them before, but they look pretty difficult. I have trouble with french knots so I would probably have difficulty with these. But yours look wonderful!

    • Hi Ginny, thank you for your kind words and encouragement.. Ahhh.. i think there’s some tension issues which I need to practice and practice.. but I love the outcome of the stitches. Thank you for dropping over. 😉

    • Hello Gigi,
      thank you for dropping by.. I’m afraid I don’t have any tutorial yet.. cos I pick it up from a book and I’m not too confident to make a tutorial yet.. so sorry about it.. cheers

    • oohhh… yup.. now i got it.. is the tension.. you’re right.. this is something i need to practice on.. cos somehow.. the look does not look curvy like i want it to be.. emmm.. I got to work a little more on those angles.

  2. The roses look lovely! Sorry I haven’t been to your blog for a while. In fact, I haven’t been reading posts for a while. The blouse and my pregnancy is taking up lots of my time and energy. How have you been? Hope the wet weather in sg hasn’t dampened your crafting mood!

    • oh congratulations to your pregnancy.. and i hope you’re well now.. I’m doing good.. we’ve more rain now and the temp is much cooler.. which is great..

      I hope you will finish your blouse soon and knit some baby items soon.. take care.. *Hugz*

      • Thank you. I’m feeling quite good today, but was quite tired yesterday. I’m working on the blouse at the moment. I can’t wait to get started on baby items too 🙂

        Good to hear it’s cooler in sg. It’s a nice change from the heat I’m sure!

        • I’m glad to hear you are feeling great today.. and Crossing fingers that it will be like that till delivery.. and may i ask are you expecting a baby boy or girl?

    • heehee.. thank you for your lovely comment.. and i’ve seen the stitches on many little girl’s dress and accessories as well.. 😀
      I’m sure the stitches had make it look very feminine..

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