Finally ~A crafty space

Hello friends and new readers who just join in,

Warmest Welcome.

Yay! I’m happy to announce a Crafty Space for more crafty inspiration.

I’ve also Made this heart hoop with crochet edging for decoration on the crafty Wall.


And Now to reveal the Crafty Space..20130908_135814 20130908_135827 20130908_13583620130908_135914 20130908_140026

Finally all things are in place now..

And is time for me to get Crafty again.Β  photo tumblr_m2c74fZZb71qdlkyg_zpsc0b315f5.gif


24 thoughts on “Finally ~A crafty space

    • thank you for dropping by today and I’m sure you will have a Room filled with crafty ideas and inspiration after you move out of student accommodation..Living space in Singapore is too small.. so I’m happy to have a space.. πŸ˜€

    • heehe.. thank you for dropping by and your lovely comment.. I hope to do more with the space.. is quite a huge wall to fill with decorations. πŸ˜‰

    • heehee.. there are other parts of the house which is not that well-orgainised.. πŸ˜›
      is just that i want to be able to “see” where all the craft items are.. which really prompted me to have a great clean up.. I’ve used to have them kept away in boxes.. and after which i realised.. gosh.. I got 2 big basket of yarns, sewing threads everywhere.. scrap cloths hid away in boxes. LOL..

      • Good work! Your space is super tidy πŸ™‚ Our house is quite organized, but oh boy… you don’t want to see my craft corner in the basement! … lol … My husband sees messiness, while I see possibilities… sometimes I see the need to tidy it all up (again). ❀

        • heehee… like i always says to my husband when he sees messiness.. “Dear is just organised mess”
          heehee.. and he will laugh and walk away.. πŸ˜‰

  1. Oh what a nice craft spot you have! I’m so envious. I wish there’s a room in my current house that gets plenty of natural light in a day! I can do with a craft corner like yours too πŸ™‚

    • heehee.. thank you for your lovely comment and I’ve picked out the space with most sunlight in the house and thanks to the sunny days we have here.
      i’m enjoying working in this corner too.. cos i used to work at the dinning table.. lol.. lazy me.. so i finally clear up the space and i got a craft corner and a clean dinning table now.. heehee.. πŸ™‚

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