September~ A time to Change

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For new readers, thank you for joining us.

I must say my feelings are well expressed in this poem which I’ve read over the internet.

September Changes by Jessica Millsaps

September is like no other
It’s days change color and weather
No other month can say quite the same
For every day, I can feel the change

It’s cool breezes start out warm,
Changing to cold throughout every storm
The leaves change and fall
As the Summer leaves and Autumn kisses us all

September maidens feel the change
Like the blue of the sky
Yet the color so deep
Unbelievable beauty

Maidens fall throughout and watch
Each raindrop changing through colors so fast
Yet one streak remains the same
Of that wonderful sapphire rain.

September, unlike any other
Holds you tight, in any weather.
Changes come, no matter where you go

North and you’ll get stormy snow
South and feel the heat of summer coming
September does this, no matter what.
Change lives within, Nothing to stop

September is beautiful
And awesome all the same
It’s hope for the future and the change
Comes swiftly as we sweep away

The Summer ends and the Autumn begins
Change is all around
With one maiden leaving
And yet, another comes

Born into the world
Of wonderful September
The sapphire skies live on
Through out this wonderful September

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And to see the changing of leaves from green to yellow, red and brown is such a beautiful sight for me too.

(Laura and Myself, Nottingham 2012)

With the thoughts of changes, I’ve decided is time for a GREAT clean up this September.  And I’m happy to share with you some pictures.
And I got myself a Clean Writing Table.. Yipee!!~ I just got to clean this table up and wipe off all the dust. Got the in-out try to keep track of my letters.
20130904_113655Managed to put up these hoops too.
Just feel sad to have put them away in a box. So i found a place to hang them up.

Some up close shots

20130904_113705 20130904_113722 20130904_113732

I hope September has been well for you. There’s so much rain lately even when I’m typing this, it had already been raining most of the morning. Gosh. I hope the sun will be out soon. Thank you for stopping by today. Next, I hope to clear up my creative space.



17 thoughts on “September~ A time to Change

  1. Oh, I love September because it’s my birth month! Hehehe. Thanks for sharing the lovely poem. By the way, wonderful changes you’ve done over there. I hope I could clean up my own workspace soon. Have a lovely weekend, dearie.

    • me too.. ahhh.. i know this sounds ridiculous.. but here in Singapore we are having more rain and less sun.. emmm… i miss the sun too.. (though i must say.. we don’t have 4 seasons here) 😀

  2. You really got into the Spring cleaning in the Fall 🙂 I guess any time is time for change. I love your fall photo. Fall is my favorite season, but I must say that this year I am a little sad to see summer go. I guess I just didn’t get enough of it. Today we are supposed to have record breaking temps here in Michigan. High of 93 today, WOW! The air was quite thick during my early morning walk today. There won’t be too much cleaning going on here today 🙂 Love your embroidered hoop hangings. So sweet! I wouldn’t want to put them in a box either.

    • thank you for the kind words and I love Fall too.. (i know this will not happen here in Singapore..) but if i’m living in the North hermisphere this will be my favourite season.. I’m mersmerize by the change of the colour that Fall offer..

      Enjoy what’s left of Summer.. and Have fun.. 😀

  3. That is a sweet poem. ❤ Around here, we definitely get 4 seasons… Winter does seem to last the longest and tends to put an abrupt/early end to fall. But this year, we’re nearing mid-October and autumn leaves are still on the tree for all to see! I hope the snow will hold-off until next month!!! LUV your butterfly and embroidery wall 🙂

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