Pretty things in the Mail Box

Hello friends and new readers,

Thank you for stopping by today and sorry that I was missing in action for a while. Last weekend, someone needed some urgent help and paid me in assisting data analysis.

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LOL.. I nearly forgotten on how to even use Microsoft Excel. Hahah.. the result of not working full time.. left me clueless on all those boring computer software.. Well, it took me a while to figure all the “boring” stuff again. Luckily my hubby was around and gave me a quick refreshment of Excel. Well, what was told to me of less than 1000 data entries actually became nearly 2000 entries, (about 1775). So I didn’t even had time to craft, but I’m glad all job is completed and data analyzed in time for some presentation.

So putting all the boring stuff aside, I’m happy to say that I had some fun opening my mail box the past days. I’m going to show some lovely surprise that came through my mailbox the past 2 weeks.

First, was a lovely package send from Canada by Gjeometry. It was a private swap between us and I love love all the bird theme she has made. What pretty ATCs.


Next up is a lovely letter from Switzerland, from my lovely pen-friend over at letter addicted.


Some more pretty vintage flower themed ATC, sent all the way by my swap-partner from Canada. I just love all these hand-made stuff.

20130828_215115 20130828_215126

My favourite Moomin character from Finland. Graphic on the Front of the envelope.20130828_215702

Pretty Priority sticker and stamps.20130828_215715 Graphic at the back of the Envelope. Heehee.. this looks like the whole family going on a fishing trip

Some Lovely postcards send from Russia…

20130828_215750 20130828_21580320130828_215816 And what a lovely sight of a bus ticket from Russia on the back of the postcard.20130828_215834

Last but not least, I received a lovely Surprised from Oke Crafter over at Stitches ‘N’ Dreams


Pretty postcards and a Bisconru. This is my ever first Bisconru. I’ve never really own one.  Thank you so much for the hand-made item.

20130828_214450and that’s not all.. there was this lovely note.. saying “open with care, it will fly away… ” emmm i wonder what’s inside…


So After I’ve carefully opened it.. Wow.. A tatting butterfly.. OMG.. this is really pretty..

20130828_214606you so much Oke Crafter.
Thank you to the many wonderful posts too. You guys really made my day.

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13 thoughts on “Pretty things in the Mail Box

  1. Awesome, I think you’re the first person to say that Moomins come from Finland! Most people think they’re Swedish 😛 I love Moomins ❤ Have you read any book about them? They're awesome too :3

    • heehee… i hope i got it right by saying Moomin is from Finland.. I love the books.. many pretty illustration.. the artist is really creative.. heeehee.. truth is.. yes, i got the whole series. but.. LOL.. i’ve not read them.. 😀

      • Yeah, they’re from Finland ^^ I love the pics of the books too ❤ You definitely should read the books, they're amazing 🙂

        • heehee.. sure i will one day to read them all.. heehee..
          i actually even own the moomin cookbook.. LOL.. now you know now serious my addiction to this character is.. heehee.. got it while transiting in Helsinki Airport.

  2. Oh, wow, you have received so many fun things through snail mail! I have to say, it’s my favourite way of getting info/gifts, etc. I’m so happy you like the ATC’s, I own a lot of bird related stuff, it’s a bit of a theme for me. I actually have your beautiful embroidered flowered ATCs up on my wall!!

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