A CLICKing, CLACKing weekend

My lovely readers and Friends,

Thank you for popping over today and checking in. Hope that your weekend had gone by well.

I had so much fund clicking and clacking away the past weekend. When I was at the library sometime ago, I picked up this lovely book. Gosh, If you ever come across this book in your local library, please give it a browse.

Title:French Girl Knits
Author: Kristeen Griffin-Grimes

The patterns inside are just so gorgeous. Really! the patterns are just so inspiring.


On Page 79 of this book, DELPHINE * lacy cap-sleeve top caught my attention and I just love the lacy look of the finished piece.
So after understanding the pattern and getting all the necessary stuff out-of-the-way…


My first 23cm of the work which I have to work till the underburst.. I’m still 3cm away from my ideal measurement.


But, I’m so excited to show you this. This pattern.. is just mind-blowing. Heehe.. Love it. I’m not sure if I’m going to make a boo-boo when I reach the front and upper Bodice pattern. Cos’ there’s going to be a split somewhere in the pattern. Heehee.. if I ever complete the whole piece, I will add another post to show you guys.

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12 thoughts on “A CLICKing, CLACKing weekend

  1. Nope, nope, not looking *sticks fingers in ears and starts humming loudly* Too late, that book looks lovely. A very nice little dainty top you’re making up there 🙂 The last thing I need now is more things to do, but that top is very tempting… I’m currently in the process of knitting a top, so we’ll see how I feel after that 😛

    • heehee… the patterns are just too complicate for me.. i think is the way that it is written which is a little confusing.. i think i may going to write an *SOS* post soon.. ahhhh… i was just lucky to figure out how to work till under burst.. lol

    • heehee.. Crossing Fingers that I’m able to understand the rest of the chart from here forward.. LOL.. it looks too complicate for me.. maybe I got to write a *SOS* post soon..

    • heehee.. me too.. actually i’m always very slow with this kind of knit work.. i think sometimes i’m just quite bad with the pattern reading.. oh well.. got to do more to improve.. 😀

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