End of Crochet Camp? ‘N’ a broken shoe

Not really..

Actually we are having so much fun over the Facebook page that the co-coordinator decided to have us all and not to close down the page. How awesome is that. And everyday, there are many crocheters posting various projects, these guys are just awesome and fast with their work. I’m happy to be in this group and have found them.

Anyhow, while I was away in the camp, One of my favourite shoe was broken. Well, not really broken, but one part just fell off. Guess the glue is not effective anymore.


Sigh! which made me rather sad icon photo: gif sad-6.gif (sad).

So rather than throwing away, I’ve made do and mend with the
Flower Pattern I’ve learnt in Crochet Camp.
All the wonderful things learnt does come in handy.

So Tah-dah..


A pair of brand new shoes again.
 photo cutecolorsfae6b.gif



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  1. I think your new shoes look better than the old ones. What a great way to dress up a pair of shoes, or in your case mend a broken shoe.

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