Award time (Part 3)

Aloha readers and Friends stopping by,

Not sure if you agree with me this, as a Blogger, besides reading all our readers’ lovely comments and thoughts in the comment section, another satisfaction in having a blog is to earn some recognition through awards.
Some of these awards you may see it like sending a chain reaction, but I see it otherwise. I know my blog will never receive awards like this:

[Source from:  A non techie mom blog]
But What I want to say is thank you all lovely bloggers that take sometime out to nominate Pretty Little things in a box for some lovely awards.

I think what we have, as bloggers are the social connection over the cyber world, is like building a community that someone out there in the cyberspace is reading our post and is happy enough to cast a nomination.

So many (moons) ago,
I was nominated by Laptop on the Ironing Board on some wonderful 7 blogging awards. Yup, you got it.. 7 no less.. I was really thrilled (jumping up and down) photo tumblr_mb6o3ukH0a1qdlkyg_zpsc9de8201.gif.

The awards include:

For my nominees, if possible, please complete the following before passing on the awards. I think this is great to explore new blogs at the same time.

(Abstracted from Laptop on the Ironing Board)

1. Thank the people who nominated me and link back to their blog

2. Share seven things about myself

3. Nominate seven bloggers to receive the awards

4. Let them know they’ve won by sending them a message

okie.. so here’s goes for my part:

1. I thank Laptop on the Ironing Board for the nomination.  If you have not checked out this lovely blog, is about Motherhood stories and sprinkled with some craftiness adventures at times. So check it out.

2. cute heart icon photo: icon bow-heart.gif 7 Things about myself:cute heart icon photo: icon bow-heart.gif

i) I’ve recently re-discovered my love of letter writing + Stamp collection. I guessed I must have forgotten these childhood hobby as I moved together with the internet era. So of you ever need a pen-friend.. You will have one from Singapore.

ii) I recently discover this thing call RAK (random act of kindness) and so far has done 1 RAK. Sending out postcards to other people in the world over Swap-bot.

iii) I’ve discovered the unity of blogging and cyberspace which I think is more powerful than other social medias. Thus, I have shared some strong connection with various bloggers.

iv) I secretly hope that one day I will live with a place where I can grown flowers and plants (especially berries).

v) I actually love Tea-time, I know this is very English-Like.

vi) I have huge stash of yarns, threads and writing supplies.. Ahhh…

vii) I really love anything that is Kawaii. Hahah..I know.. that you may think this is for kids but.. oh well.. I jut love them.

3. And my list of nominees  (not in any order of preference) are:

 photo icon_zps3824a20a.gifThe Grange Range  photo icon_zps3824a20a.gifCrafty Madre photo icon_zps3824a20a.gif
 photo icon_zps3824a20a.gifCross Stitch BoboBitch Mononitch photo icon_zps3824a20a.gif
 photo icon_zps3824a20a.gif
A Conversation with Moo photo icon_zps3824a20a.gif
 photo icon_zps3824a20a.gif
Knanaknits photo icon_zps3824a20a.gifPerpetual Amateur photo icon_zps3824a20a.gifVix Knits photo icon_zps3824a20a.gif

Congratulations my nominees and I thank you for influencing me in one way or another and help me learn many to craft with the many pretty patterns you’ve posted.

 photo 19285200_zps0558f04b.gif

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  1. Thank you so much for nominating me. It’s such a cool thing to pass on. I can’t wait to check them all out and pass on the love.

    • congratulation again.. and if you have any favourite blog you like that are up for nomination, please passed on. You may take the pictures off my blog. 😀

  2. Thank you so much for honouring me with your nomination for these seven awards. I agree with your sentiments about blogging joining like minded people across the globe. The information, help and access to new ideas is amazing.

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