Crochet Camp (Week 3, Day 21)

Wow.. can’t believe that we are already in Week 3 of the camp and sad to say it will come to an end soon.. So for the past few weeks I was busy with making this…

…Granny rectangles and granny squares and finally piecing up the pieces.


And finally working through all the pieces..


Yay.. I got myself A rather huge shopping bag for shopping/marketing.
I love the colours. The pattern can be found here.

Happy hooking people and thank you for stopping by today.

 photo 19285200_zps0558f04b.gif


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11 thoughts on “Crochet Camp (Week 3, Day 21)

  1. Gorgeous! I love it! I’m just sewing mine up and doing the handles now… but I don’t think my colours are as pretty as yours.

    • thank you for your lovely comment.. yay.. you are making one too.. great job.. i can’t wait to see your colour combination..hope to see your post soon..For me, I just used some old yarns and trying to de-stash them away.. 😀

  2. it’s beautiful Angela! wow!!
    how I wish I could already crochet my own! I bought yarns for it though.. 😛
    what do you think, did I get the right ones? they’re all “King Cole Bamboo Cotton DK”

    • Hi Chiara,
      thank you for your lovely comment.. and yes.. the yarn you got are great ones.. I love king cole yarn.. is just that these are very expensive yarns to get in my country :(.. emmm.. so sometimes i just buy some cheap ones

    • heehee.. thank you.. we got the pattern from a camp which the materials are over at Slugs on the refrigerator blog.. check it out.. they are having a knit camp soon.. 😀

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