Yay! All Done up

Remember this?

Heehee.. finally is all done up. And I really love the finished piece.


And I must say it is a very comfy piece and great for the summer. And the top has this sexy feeling. I guess all thanks to the small eyelets that the pattern has called for. I’ll check out other knitting pattern soon. Thank you for stopping over today. Have a great weekend wherever you are.Β  photo tumblr_inline_mgpccbWe411qdlkyg_zpsbdf5ce8d.gif



23 thoughts on “Yay! All Done up

      • How long did you take? I’m feeling a bit deflated that I’m still working on the Mantova Top. I had planned to finish the back piece within a month and I’ve only just done that now =(

        • emmm.. i took about ~2 weeks to finish my top.. but can’t compare to your delicate piece.. there are too many difficult knitting stitches for me to do :(.. I’m not skilled as you.. guess.. if I was to fo the Mantova Top.. i will back out.. heehee.. πŸ˜€

          • Still, 2 weeks to finish a top is very impressive in my opinion! Look at me, 9 weeks and I’ve just only finished the back. And the thing is I can’t quit. My aunty won’t be very happy with that LOL

    • heehee.. thank you.. i just love the “eyelets” design.. πŸ™‚
      very cooling top.. great for the summer weather I have here all year round.

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