Pretty Postmark and Many Happy Mails

Hello my lovely readers and friends who stopped by,

Also Welcoming new readers on this blog.

Sorry that I was lacking some action this week. I was busy with crochet camp and also my knitting project. I will show you my completed knitting piece in a while.

So A quick update on happy mails what passed through my mailbox this last week.

A lovely postcard sent from China with Buddha Stamps

20130803_213140 20130803_213156

Next is a postcard sent from Croatia. I did a private exchange with another postcard lover. Love the amphibians Stamps. So lovely.

20130803_213213 20130803_213223

My lovely pen-friend from Switzerland send me a postcard from Rome.
I love it and thank you Christina over at letter addicted. If you like to learn more on how to decorate your mail, Christina is currently sharing with her readers on tips on how to design letters for your swap/ pen-friends.

20130803_213236 20130803_213306

And I’m happy to receive these pretty postcards which I won in a giveaway over at Swap-bot. It has traveled from Russia. I love the pretty fox stamps.


Last but not least, a lovely postcard send over from The Netherlands from Duuj over at The world is but a postcard. Thank you for brightening up my mailbox.


Hope you’re having happy mails in your mailbox today.


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