Postcards from exotic places..

My first postcard from a far away place~ Trinidad & Tobago 20130723_215450 20130723_215546 20130723_215555

After I’ve done some research. I learnt that this is an island (just like where I’m from) but is located at the Caribbean, which lies 11km off the coast of Venezuela.  How interesting and look at the pretty stamps. I’m so impressed by the stamps.

Next is another postcard send from Israel.
I love the vintage look of it and of course the pretty stamps that the sender had paste on it. Thank you so much for doing that.
And last but not least another vintage card from Ukraine.. Yay! I love the pretty graphic and the Stamps too.
20130723_231334 20130723_231356

Happy Post-crossing and Swapping my friends.
You guys really make my MailBox Happy!

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7 thoughts on “Postcards from exotic places..

  1. Beautiful cards. And a bonus is the stamps used to mail them. It’s neat to see all the beautiful stamps from around the world.

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