Clicking, Clacking and a weekend filled with Arts

Hello my readers and friends stopping by,

Wow.. the weekend sure flew by quickly. And I’m already into Tuesday where I am already.. Over the weekend, I managed to Click and Clack.. Hehee.. Yup, you got me.. I was into knitting.. and using the pattern from this book:

Loop-d-Loop Lace by Teva Durham


There are sure many yummy projects in the book, I wish I could take all the pictures on put it up for you to see. Then on the other hand, I think I may get myself into some copyright issues if I do that. So I suggest that you check the book out in library or I’m sure you can also get a copy via Amazon. Anyway, I’ve picked this pattern to try. Most of the patterns are very suitable for temperate country. But at where I’m, always hot and sunny, I think this sleeveless one is much suitable for me.


(Yup, even the model looks so gorgeous in the book) LOL. So after a few try out and finding the correct circular needle. I settled for this in the end anyway.


Addi Turbo circular needles. (**Note to Self**, always get an Addi Turbo needle, cos the knitting experience is really different. All those stitches just slide through easily with this needle. Don’t bother saving up to buy cheaper needles). And so after I’ve placed an order and when the needle arrived, over the weekend, I was busy with this project.

20130723_122705 (1)

After Row 50. So now, I just got to build on the length until the piece measured 16″ from the underarm. Hell OMG that’s ALOT of knitting. Well, At least I got through the tough part ~Phew. I hope to complete this soon maybe by the end of this month or at least early August.  photo tumblr_m2c74fZZb71qdlkyg_zpsc0b315f5.gif

So before I end this post, I though I’ll share with you some pretty pictures too. I managed to get to the National Museum over the weekend to catch up with the Princely Treasures from the House of Liechtenstein.

And I’ve like the two paintings below:


And As I was walking around the city center, I caught this pretty window display. It was blossoming with flowers which at first I thought were paper flowers. However on the second look, it was made of shuttlecocks. So amazing. What a pretty idea.  photo tumblr_m7efdhWLFX1qdlkyg_zps2dfb1daa.gif
20130722_192545 20130722_192550

~Phew, what a weekend. I’m glad it was a great one. Oh and before I forget, Congrats to the Duke and Duchess on the new arrival of a baby Boy. photo tumblr_mb6o3ukH0a1qdlkyg_zpsc9de8201.gif


10 thoughts on “Clicking, Clacking and a weekend filled with Arts

  1. Those flowers are amazing. Love them. You have done loads on tge top. At least you now have an easy knit that doesn’t take much thought. Oh and as for the needles. You are sooo right. I am now abyarn and needle snob;)

  2. You have a nice start on your sweater. I have never tried the Adi Turbo needles. I will make a note for the next time I need a set of circulars. Love those flowers! At first, I didn’t know what you were talking about-I had never heard of a shuttlecock. But on a closer look, I see they look like what I have always called a “birdie” that you use in badminton. I haven’t seen one of those since my kids were little. What a cool idea to create flowers from them. Some people are just so creative!

    • heehee.. yup..I agree.. and I thought it was paper flowers.. heehee.. I totally love how the shuttlecock formed into circular shapes..
      Oh.. and the Adi Turbo needles.. they are made in Germany and I ordered from USA.. cos the shop are willing to ship free anyway in the world.. emmm… but i guess i pay for good quality needles.. 😀

  3. I can’t believe you managed to get so much knitting done in one weekend! I haven’t knitted for years, but I always seemed to be very slow, and finishing anything took an age! Perhaps I should have had a circular needle – it seems much easier. Thanks for updating us – can’t wait to see what you produce next! 🙂

    • Hi hi.. 🙂
      All thanks to the circular needles and the stocking stitches can really go faster.. 🙂 heehee I now got to built on the length.. Emmmm.. Which is the LONG part.. 😦

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