Crochet Camp *Day 1

Ohhhh… guess what I’ve learnt at the camp today? Yes, you got it. We started out getting all the terminologies right. This really helps to understand the patterns set by our facilitators later.

In the past, I always get the US and UK crochet terms mixed up. And because of that.. I’m always wasting time to figure which is which and half the time is wasted and sometimes, I just gave up in doing the project.

Nevertheless, I must say, I have achieved quite a bit in one day at the camp. I got to practice UK-Dc or US-Sc Stitches. I’m never going to get all these terms confused again.

So my finished work for Day 1 at the camp:

20130716_175924 20130716_175936

The lovely Cherry Delicious Pot Holders. Isn’t it lovely. Well, I’m sure it is and now it is hanging at my Kitchen Cabinet. So if you like to make one for your kitchen, do check out Crochet Camp 2013 and see what we are up to.  photo tumblr_inline_mgpjiv6PoE1qdlkyg_zps626670c2.gif



20 thoughts on “Crochet Camp *Day 1

    • Hee Hee. Thank you.. This is something new at the crochet camp.. Pattern is free for use.. So get some yarn and hook and join in the fun too.. 😀

    • thank you.. the link on the post will lead to the free pattern.. and you can do one for your kitchen too. 😀
      happy crocheting.. 😉

  1. I don’t crochet, so I had no idea UK vs. US terms could be so frustrating 😮
    good for you they sorted it out once and for all!
    lovely cherries, I might show my mom this Crochet Camp. but then she only speaks Italian.. perhaps I better show her only your pictures! 😀

    • heehee.. i’m sure you can translate for your mom.. and the instruction sheet on the link which I’ve provided on the post has great pictorial guide and you can do one too.. maybe you will be able to crochet.. it will be a great mom-daughter activity.. 😀
      happy crafting.. 😉

  2. I have tried to learn to knit and although I’d like to think I’m not stupid (hah!), I just can’t do it. You have inspired me to try again with crochet as I had some success as a pre-teen learning from my mother. Maybe this is a silly question, but which do you think is easier for a beginner?

    • no no silly question.. actually is a valid one.. in my opinion, I think Crochet is easier than knitting. Reason being of just using one tool~ the crochet hook and is much easy to handle. and even if one miss a stitch or jumble things up is much easier to correct it and put things back to perspective. but with knitting sometimes things are a little tricky.. heehee.. just my opinion.. the crochet camp (see link in post) is really fun as it helps beginners like us to do small projects. And I must say the facilitators really did a great job with the instruction sheets. Check the website out. And they even have a facbebook group about this.. 😀 happy crafting..

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