What a weekend…

Hello My readers and dear friends who stopped by,

I hope you had a splendid weekend. I’m sure did have a great one over this weekend. Though I was not as crafty as previous weekends, I managed to do some stuff out of the cyberspace. Which I meeting my good friend who flew all the way up from Melbourne, Australia.
IMG-20130706-WA0001It was a great catch up with Rea. This time round, she’s back to submit her application in giving up her citizenship. I see many of my friends doing this in search of better place to stay. I’ve my reserve on this topic on where to find a place to grow old and live. My answer has always been there is no place on this planet where there are great policies, is just how we “think” we can fit into the environment. There are many good things and there are also on the other hand many “bad” things a country may offer. Is like “give and take”.  I’ve travel extensively enough to come out with this thought of mine. I’m not here to judge or criticize, I’m happy where I am with my family and friends.

20130706_203115 20130706_203312 20130706_203323Anyhow,  the night ended with some loud big bang of ~Fireworks, as there was some National Day Rehearsal going on at the Marina Bay Area.

 photo smile_021_zpsdca5e7de.gifFeel Free to drop me a line or two, I would also love to hear your thoughts on re-location. Did you like the new place you are staying in? How is the area like, what caught your attention to move to the new area. Would love to hear your thoughts and experience.


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  1. Hi! 20 months ago, my husband and I with my youngest sister packed up our bags and flew 4,287 miles to Dubai from Manila to find work and see what is there in store for us. I still can’t imagine I was capable to do that but I did. Fraught with lots of adjustments (finding the right work, weather, peoples attitudes, stricter rules), I can say that I have acclimatized well here in the U.A.E. It’s possible because my other younger sister was already here when we came, so support was plenty. So, what you said about there being no perfect place but what we do with where we are is true. Some countries may have better benefits for the people, but still there will be downsides. 🙂 Like me, although settled here, I am still looking to find a place where I can put down roots until I am gray and old. Of course, the Philippines will always be my first home.

    • wow.. I admire your courage to find work in the U.A.E and you are very adapted to changes. many of us are not adapted to changes as we are all comfortable where we are..
      And yes.. we will remember where our roots are.. Not sure if this is an Asian Culture thing.. we will remember where we come from.. 😀
      and I wish you happiness always..

  2. I am a bit unusual as I live in two places! I spend some months in the Gambia, where my husband lives and works, and then come back to the UK to see my family for a few months (sometimes my husband comes with me but not this year). If anyone had told me a few years ago I would be working freelance and living in the Gambia, I would never have believed them, and of course it’s a very different culture there. At our compound we only have solar electricity, all the water has to be pulled from the well in a bucket, and we cook on an open fire. But when I’m there it all seems normal, although I love learning more about different cultures. I write a travel blog all about my life there. But when I’m there I miss my family in the UK, and vice versa, so it’s quite hard sometimes. I agree that your family are the most important thing.

    • I think human being are able to adapt well in a foreign place and I admire you for having to live in two places.. I can imagine it is not easy, due to the time change and climate change..
      but yes.. we will always miss our family wherever we are. that part is true.. 😀

  3. Very nice that you could spend time with your friend ❤ My husband & I were born in separate parts of Canada. Throughout our married lives, we’ve lived in 2 more regions of the country, but always far away from our families. These days, all we really want is to live near where my husband grew up. Isn’t it funny how life works out? ❤

    • heehee.. yup.. i can imagine that, for me.. is the same situation too. I like to stay in the east side of Singapore.. nearer to my parents.. but right now.. we are 3 streets away from my hubby’s parents.. 😉

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