The Late Fairy and many pretty things in my mailbox

Well.. Finally the cross-stitched fairy had arrived in my mailbox. It was almost over a month late. Emmm… So this was what came through my mail box. Is a sparkly, lilac Fairy.


Inside the package came with a cross-stitch kit which I will leave it later to try it out.  photo 1002_zps60f03fca.gif

The other surprise package came from  Chiara @thegreytail. Sometime in May, I’ve won a giveaway at her lovely blog. Chiara blogs about stitching and also have many pretty pictures on her cat

20130701_224141Pretty cloths, tea, sweets and small surprises
20130701_224303Pretty Buttons

20130701_224551Cross stitch kit and Pink Embroidery Thread


A lovely pin cushion

Oh, thank you so much Chiara.. love all the small surprises. photo icon_zps3824a20a.gif

Last but not least, this package was really really a surprise package. One of my swap partner loved my package and she wrote me a note plus all these goodies. I was really surprised by this.


Thank you Sarah from Germany for your kind gesture. I’m happy to meet all these lovely friends  around the world.  photo icon_zps3824a20a.gif


15 thoughts on “The Late Fairy and many pretty things in my mailbox

  1. Ooh what lovely gifts! I’m waiting for the postman to bring me some surprise packages too! I was just rated for one of mine today who was thrilled with it but most of the goodies were claimed by her daughter…hehe!

    • hehee.. I think your postman must have known you by now.. and i bet you have the busy mailbox in your area.. I can’t wait to see your next post on your “Happy mails” heehee..

      • Haha he does! He often stops me and my Mum in the street if he is delivering so that he can give us it since we’re not in! He is lovely 🙂 Sadly no post at all today 😦 fingers crossed for tomorrow!

        • i guess the mails are stored somewhere in the main postal office but not dispatched to you yet. Hopefully there will be more mail coming through for you today.. (adding up some weekend to mon).
          also I got this swap partner who is a post-woman. She learns about swap-bot as constantly delivers many mails to this another person in her village and she loves happy mail and she signed up at swap-bot. When I read her profile I was thinking.. “That’s so convenient”.. she need not wait for postal services and can self-help with all the mails home.. heehee.. 😀

  2. Oh the embroidered fairy is soooooo delicate. I love it. I wonder if you could send me a photo of your black work so I can put it in the gallery with the others. I thought I had it but I can’t find it now. Avis x

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