Never-been to Places and Pretty things..

There are many pretty places in this world which I hope one day I can visit them.  But for now, I will “oohhss” and “ahhhs” over these pretty places.


(1: A night view of Barnstaple @Devon; 2: Merapi Mountain, Indonesia-An Active Volcano; 3: A Night view of Dallas, Texas; 4:Jane Austen House Museum, Chawton, Hampshire, UK; 5:Wroclaw, Poland, Do you know is going to be the European Capitol of Culture in 2016? 6: A tranquility shot in US;
7: Sunset Glow at Baochu Pagoda, China; 8. Lovely Scene of flowers in Kyiv, Ukraine, 9. Windmill in the settlemen, Kyiv, Ukraine.


(Pretty Arty Cards: 1. Painted by Mouth Foot Artists (AMFPA) in Germany, 2. From the Brooklyn Museum, Edouard Vuillard)


(More pretty art cards: Left– The Spring Motives-Maria Galybina; Right– Iris, By Darcy May)

Pretty Wildflowers Postcard from West Virginia USA, this is such an inspiration postcard for me to refer to when I do Ribbon Embroidery.

Some pretty Stamps…

20130702_005134 Jane Austen Persuasion from UK

20130702_002834Postmarked and Stamp from Wroclaw, Poland

Postmarked and stamp from Russia

(I love the Folk Art Quilts Stamp,
Postmarked and Stamps from USA)


Folk art stamps from Indonesia,
I can see a Cross stitch pattern in this stamp

Pretty Mail Art sent by my lovely pen-friend;
Letter Addict from Switzerland


Last but not least a very delicate handmade ATC added to my Collection


Thank you to Jonna from Finland. What a well made ATC..

Thank you very much for sending me pretty stuff to see and keep.

As for you my readers.
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9 thoughts on “Never-been to Places and Pretty things..

  1. Wow. I love all the cards and stamps you received. The Jane Austen card and stamp are amazing – I guess they came together? How nice it to have thoughtful people sending these bits of happiness! I know you agree that t’s so much fun to pass the happiness along with our own cards and stamps.

    • hello heididonner,
      I love looking at all these pretty postcards and stamps.. heehee.. is like an addiction just to find pretty/ arty pieces to look at.. oh the The Jane Austen Stamp and Card didn’t come together :(..
      I got the stamp from a letter from UK.. Wish it came together.. thank you for stopping over at my blog.. I love reading your posts too.. 😀

  2. Oh wow, what lovely cards and stamps again! You seem to get so many! It’s not often postcards fall through my letterbox at the moment. I haven’t been to any of the places on the cards either but they all look stunning. I also got that stamp from Poland…it is so cool!

    • Hi Hannah..
      heehee.. I joined quite a bit of the Postcards swaps over at Swap-bot.. that explains the many postcards passing throught… but now i’m slowing down a bit.. took me sometime to figure out how to do direct swaps over post-crossing.. so i can many variety of postcards.. Somehow.. I kept getting postcards from USA.. 😦 emmm.. heehee.. but i must some swappers were really awesome.. they pasted many pretty stamps.. 😀

      • Ooh that’s good! I have taken part in one direct swap with someone from Turkey 🙂 I am in the same boat…I keep getting cards from the USA and Canada! They must have a lot of users! I don’t know where these pretty stamps come from in the UK…every time I go to the post office they give me boring ones! Lol.

        • yup.. i agreed.. is like Swap-bot is swamp with people from US and Canada.. LOL.. but I do get something interesting from Europe..
          Oh yah.. I don’t know how these people get interesting stamps too.. Is the same situation as me in Singapore.. I kept getting the standards and boring ones.. Maybe we need to go to the main post offices in the city?? lol…

          • Haha yeah and it costs me a fortune to post to the US! Although I have had a better range from Swap-Bot. Hmm I don’t know…I will have to investigate!

            • Oh dear… I try to weigh my package at home, (cos’ i have this digital kitchen scale) before going to the Post Office and i can roughly gauge how much to spend.. and our Local post office has this on-line calculator which allowed us to key in the country and also weight of the package.. so we can see how much it will cost before really buying the postage.. 😀 maybe you can check out it Royal Mail has this kind of function too.. 😀

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