Doodle doodle & a Giveaway…

Hello my readers, and friends who stopped by,

Last evening, my hubby and me were a little bored after dinner and instead of the usual Saturday Night Movie, we were at home doing some doodling. My Hubby is a great illustrator and he used to work in advertising firms before going back to a 9 to 5 pm work. He stopped working at the advertising firms due to the long working hours. Well, at his free time, he will doodle for fun.

So I was suggesting to him, shall we do finger printing art. He was like.. “Hmmmm.. never heard of that before”.  So like an eager child, I gathered all my ink pad, his lovely drawing pen and some postcards (with the front side empty) and set it on the table for him.20130629_212219

And off we go doodling. I used my thumb, index fingers and little finger for stamping. After which, the postcard was then passed on to my hubby for drawing.


So the whole evening, we were having fun with this. See our lovely creation.


Okie, Owl is not so cute after all  photo icon_eek_zps6c04e726.gif (failed attempt)


(He drew some slippers and boots and a cloud)


(Some Water hen and chicks, clam and an insect)


(He then tried to stamp his finger and drew a Snowman)

After which, I asked him to draw some cute teddy and cat faces.  And this was what he came out with.


So for June’s Giveaway (Oh my today is already 30th June), I will be giving out 2 of my Hubby’s doodling art work–>
Which Cat are you? & Which Bear are you? (see below for artwork)
These are postcards sized and is blank on the other side which you can paste a stamp and send it away to your love ones. Or you can frame up or pinned it in your craft room.

20130629_212533 20130629_212543
To enter is very simple:
1. You got to be a follower of this blog.
2. Write a comment on “My favourite animal is…”
3. Closing date is 4th July 2013 (GMT +8:00), I will use Random Number to draw out ONE lucky winner. Giveaway is open to all readers. I will ship internationally. Will contact winner and announce the winner in my blog post.

Winner will win 2 postcards (hand-drawn by hubby and hand-stamped by me) + I will throw in a small surprise as well.
Good Luck and Have Fun… photo tumblr_mb6o3ukH0a1qdlkyg_zpsc9de8201.gif


23 thoughts on “Doodle doodle & a Giveaway…

    • Hi Azurachan,
      thanks for entering.. oh yah.. doodling is surely fun and My husband’s favorite animals are frog too.. maybe we will try to doodle that one day.. 😀

    • Hi gypsysapphire,
      thanks for entering the contest.. heehee.. yup.. an inexpensive way to spend the evening away.. 😀
      good luck to the contest. 😀

  1. My favorite animal is the cat – it reminds me of my Max!
    What a fun way to spend the night with the hubby, Scrabble is the most creative thing my man can handle! 😉

  2. My favourite animal is the whale. 🙂 I think this animal is so fascinating.
    Maybe I should also try to stamp with my fingers but maybe in the Holiday :d and not when I need to go out, then I have coloured fingers:)


    • Hi Christina..
      Thank you for entering the contest.. and I love whales too.. they are really fascinating.. and Huge.. heehee.. please try the finger art one day..
      have a great day ahead.. 😀

    • Hi Hannah,
      thank you for popping by and entering the contest.. wish you luck.. My hubby likes cats too.. is just that our living space here is too small to have pets.. 😦

  3. That owl is great!
    My favorite animals are cats, especially my cat. He is just so lazy and I think he sometimes thinks he is a dog.

    • Hi duuj,
      thank you for entering the contest.. and My hubby loves cats too.. he hopes to have one in the house someday soon.. 😀

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